You have a right to live. You have a right to be. You have these rights regardless of money, health, social status, or class. You have these rights, man, woman, or child. These rights can never be taken away from you, they can only be infringed. When someone violates your rights, remember, it is not your fault.

drab and dreary

drab and dreary

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Crack Cocaine -- It's a Helluva Drug...

I got a short call tonight, or a short shot in the dark I should say, The call was from my young cousin and it deeply worried me. It was young Blake and he was calling me from Atmore prison near Mobile and on the Florida coast.

There is also a Creek Indian reservation there with a wonderful and interesting restaurant and a slew of bingo halls to gamble your money away.

He pleadingly wanted $200 dollars transferred to his commissary fund.

"The food here is absolutely terrible," he added sounding downtrodden.

Let's not forget the fact that money will also buy you drugs in most prisons in this country.

Good thoughts did come to mind when thinking of my cousin, Blake. He deeply, deeply loved motorcycles and riding my Honda V-Twin CX500. He was always such a good little exuberant kid and that makes all this such a terrible tragedy. Dad said later that he is 6 foot tall and only weighs 90 pounds.

"I am in prison," he honestly told me. "I got hooked on cocaine and couldn't get off and they eventually caught me stealing items and pawning them."

"Blake, you will have to call my father about that as he controls my money coming in and out of this house," I told him treading very carefully as to what I divulged.

After we got off the phone, he called my father also wanting $200.

"You need to call your mother and tell her to step up to the plate and help you," dad told Blake about my mother's sister.

The Immune System By My Seasoned Nurse Rebecca...

Rebecca stepped into the lobby of Kamath Medical and asked me to come on back. I felt like I was on that game show, The Price is Right. Come on down! I had just signed in and sat in the lobby.

Rebecca sounded so very congested with a hacking, mucus filled, and nasty cough. Personally? They shouldn't make health care practitioners come into work sick like that for fear of spreading the contagion.

"I need to be at home in the bed," Rebecca told me as I inquired if she was okay. "I just hope my kids don't get this terrible junk."

It took only a few short minutes to administer my injection. I thanked Rebecca profusely and wished her well. I then motored swiftly back up through the Chattahoochee Valley without impediment to give my father my next appointment card.

"You did all of that and in a short amount of time as well!" my father said kindly, astounded, and amazed.

I never did find out why he didn't have to work today. He must be working tomorrow instead or it probably had something to do with the grand-kids.

"We've come a long way with you," my father then said as he hugged me.

"You and I have both come a very long ways," I astutely reminded him.

My father handed to me a care package of two packs of cigarillos, 2 tart lemonades, and six crisp and bubbly Diet Cokes.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Little Munchkins and Youngsters Are Here...

Maggie's Bad Hair Day
"Now, Maggie here, she barks in French and English," my father told the grandchildren when they were over here shortly ago."She's also the Duchess of Mauritania and Maratouse."

Maggie was laying on her plush mat belly down in the den licking her paws. She was looking and acting totally nonchalant. She certainly didn't realize her importance at that moment.

"How can you tell the difference when she is barking in French and barking in English?" my nephew, Grant, asked his Grandpa.

"You have to listen closely, but you will hear it soon enough," my father replied.

All the grand-kids squealed and spoke with joy and wonderment.

My father was running late tonight after picking up the grand-kids in Auburn which is about 30 minutes away. He pleasantly told me he had the day off from work tomorrow and was giving my brother and sister a break. He has to take them to school in the morning if he can get them all up and going with their bellies full of hot breakfast.

"Good luck!" I told him with a warm smile.

"Your injection is in the morning," my father then said urgently and shortly before they were gone.

He had pulled me to the side.

"I am leaving this medicine with you and I trust you to go get it."

"I will bring you the next appointment card on my way home," I told Papa John. "I hope that will assuage your worries."

Pass the Mayo and Potato Chips, Please...

"Come on over and eat some lunch," my father told me this afternoon. "I made some really good chicken salad."

When mom was alive, dad tried his best to make sure she got at least one good nourishing meal a day. He has been saying he was getting back on track with that ritual and tradition. Let it be so...

It was 1 PM and Maggie and I were still in the bed after Maggie's antics last night. There would also be something bad wrong with me if I passed up dad's chicken salad sandwiches. When I arrived after a shower, dad was eating his lunch on Waverly crackers as he sat at the kitchen table. .

"Do you want two sandwiches or one?" my father asked as he then stood at the kitchen counter.

I joyfully asked for two.  Man, were they delicious. I am not a big potato chip consumer, but the Ruffles potato chips fit perfectly with those sandwiches.

Almost a Requiem Eternam for a Canine ...

Someone please call Mozart and also tell him to bring the harpsichord...

"Dammit! Hush Maggie!" I hollered from the computer room for the forth time.

It was pointless to try and calm her so I got a grape soda out of the fridge and got on the computer.

An urgent bladder woke me up after midnight to shake the dew off my lily and all the neighborhood dogs were all going ballistic. Something got them all stirred up -- the whole crew of neighborhood canine contingent joined in. Yes, Maggie had joined the countless fray involved. I wonder what got them so shaken up? A prowler? A possum? Or a raccoon? Definitely, a bunch of group-think was involved.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It's Almost Summer Time and Hopefully the Living Will Grow Easy...

The General Electric BQ23-7. One of the oddest locomotives I've seen so far. I am sure it passed through downtown a few times or another over the years.

Global Warming...

I know of a sweet gal named Summer and she is a very, very special Southern lady. Sometimes, I think she reads my blog and even comments. She has stuck by me through thick and thin despite all the controversies about my blog and myself throughout the years.

Let's Give a Standing Ovation to Mother Nature...

Well, it feels like summer time outside. We are supposed to get up to 82° degrees today. After all the long, uneventful winter weather we had, we are finally seeing some relief from the doldrums and the complete mediocrity of Mother Nature this year.

Gamecube Controller $5.99

One Controller, Two Controllers, Three Controllers Four...

I just called my friend and cohort in computers. Matt at the pharmacy. I was calling about my birthday. I am ordering a whole slew of game controllers from Newegg -- controllers to play my favorite retro games on my retro gaming computer and how they were meant to be played. The order totaled $75 and yes, I am a big kid at heart.

"They are shipping from China," I told my friend Matt. "We may need to go ahead and order them to get them here on my birthday next month."

Matt said he would run it by my father and was going to order it if he got the go ahead.

I know what my father will think when Matt tells him,..

"Just what in the hell is he ordering from China?"

Monday, March 20, 2017

It's Getting Mighty Testy Around These Parts...

Dad was mad as hell and his blood pressure was up tonight. He looked beet red under that fair, milky skin of his. I told him to chose his battles wisely -- that this was inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. A girl was checking us out at Kroger and then stopped helping us to go help a new girl with a WIC voucher a register over.

"We're cash paying customers and we deserve to go first," my father told the cashier with a snarl to his voice.

He was never much one to mince words.

Had my dauntless father gotten flustered? Dad had forewarned me that he was in a "rat's ass" mood. I braced myself for much social anxiety and I was already terribly anxious when I walked through the door at that establishment. My crazy meds were just about to kick in and I then began to feel some sweet and relished relief on the drive home.

"I am so sorry sir!" she told my father rather pleadingly. "We are not usually busy this time of the night."

And busy they were, I told dad that everyone has spring fever including myself. It is a beautiful night tonight and the night time insects have started serenading us until another fall and winter.

"What would Charlie do if that happened to him?" my father asked me as we loaded up my car with groceries.

"He would have yanked all their asses up and got his groceries for free," I replied..

He Shoots! He Scores!

I rolled the dice and up came snake eyes this afternoon. It was my cue to get on the move and get out of the house. Spring has sprung and there is a whole wide world out there. I had dawdled around in my pajamas for long enough mostly reading old railroading magazines.

I grabbed a shower, dressed in a decent t-shirt and shorts and then headed out the front door. Yes, we were on a trip for provisions and sustenance. I am down to eating mayonnaise and Parmesan (stinky) cheese sandwiches. I showed up on my father's back-steps hungry and acting all painfully pitiful for good measure.

"Let's go get you some beefaroni and your Cokes," my father said with a smile as we walked down in the dungeon also affectionately known as the pantry, laundry room, and basement.

I was just astounded when my father was at home -- both cars in the garage and dad's Honda was parked out back. I didn't want to bungle or endure another phone call for the day. I rang the back doorbell and my father came to the door.

"Get yourself ready around nine and we will go get your groceries," my father told me. "What are you going to get tonight?"

"An Edwards lemon meringue pie and an Edwards Hershey's creme pie," I replied. "Gotta literally fill my pie hole!"

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Five Dollar Fill-Up...

"What did you get tonight?" I asked my father while he was fooling around with my crazy meds on the couch.

He was trying to decide what day medications to give me. I watched as a Klonopin went rolling across my hardwood floor as my father cursed. I was sitting in my plush recliner just beside him as Maggie sat at our feet.  He soon handed my medications to me and I gulped them down lickety split.

"I got the $5 fill up which was the chicken sandwich variant," my father replied.

My father was acting rather strange and aloof tonight (eerily quiet) and I couldn't figure out his emotions or moods. I internalize this and get to thinking I committed some kind of terrible social faux pas to form a rift between us.

"I got you double than what I was supposed to," Charlie then said laughing as he was cleaning in my kitchen. "You've got tacos out the ass now!"

We all burst out in laughter! It is double or nothing with our Charlie. I got two burrito supremes and two taco supremes.

No Box of Greasy Fried Chicken Tonight Folks! (Thank You, Jehoshaphat!)

Yes, we are taking a run for the border tonight. Charlie asked me this morning what I wanted to eat this evening and I told him to get me two burrito supremes from Taco Hell. Yee Haw! Charlie said that would be fine. My stomach is already grumbling with protest and hunger. I hope they arrive soon rather than later which is the norm. Watch it be around 9 PM when they arrive and I will be frazzled with worry and aggravation.


This was the railroad of my youth until they merged with CSX.

Did Our Charlie Abandon Us?

Every car that rode by the house this morning, Maggie would fly through our home to land on the couch and look out the window. Charlie was running rather late and is was worrying the MagDawg. Charlie finally came slowly pulling up to the curb in dad's truck around 10 AM. Maggie put on a fine show despite not being very familiar with the Ford.

"Did Jimmy James show up yesterday?" Charlie asked me at he handed the Magster's and my breakfast. "He said he would be here yesterday."

"I haven't seen him yet," I replied to Charlie rather despondently.

"That son of a bitch," Charlie replied. "I am going to jerk a knot in his head."

I was super happy when I realized we had bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits this morning. I am nursing a giant Coca-Cola as I write this as well.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Let's See What Happens As the Day Unfolds...

The day is already off to an interesting, confounding, and auspicious start. I had a motherboard go out (Asus Z97 Deluxe) sometime during the night much to my chagrin  -- a complication I just didn't need today. The computer will boot over and over but will never quite make it into Windows. I have just now got the gimped computer back up and running after hours of tinkering, but something is still amiss. I am getting Windows 10's equivalent of the blue screen of death.

Calgon -- Take Me Away!

I also had to order another copy of Windows 10 Home which was a cool $99 bucks (thank you Newegg). I am going to contact Asus soon this morning and try to RMA the board. It has a 3-year warranty.

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Honda That Goes Vrooom...

"Come on, Lilly. Let's go see if Nana's car will crank," I told my niece urging her on. "We are going to blow the cobwebs out of the engine!"

Lilly is really growing like a weed these days. She was then hot on my tail not to miss out on this adventure.

We walked down the stairs to the garage and Lilly cranked the car and it fired to life. It thrilled her for me to let her do it herself. Hell, Lilly will get her learning permit in about 2 more years.

"When was the last time it had been cranked?" I just asked my father.

"It has been a little over a month," he replied. "I am going to get the title in your name as soon as I get some time to do it." my father told me.

Ear-worm for the day is Sting's An Englishman in New York.

Let There Be Salutations, Much Joy, and Even More Excitement...

Well, we made it there and back -- Opelika that is. My father was very hyper and talking a mile a minute this morning throughout these procedures.

Dad was also thrilled when Dr. Edwards kept my medications to what I had been prescribed to for years. Dad gave me a high five as we walked out of the psychiatrist's office.

"Now, let's go get us some steak biscuits and a senior coffee for myself!" my father said very excitedly.

He still couldn't believe we got in and out of the doctor's office so quickly. We had set a new precedence. We usually have to wait an hour or more, but they called us back as soon as we sat down in the lobby for a change.

"You have beautiful ginger hair," I told the receptionist and she smiled shyly and blushed.

"Thank you!"

As always, the biscuits were tongue tantalizing. I had finished both my steak biscuits with mustard by the time we were passing Perlis truck stop on the way up the interstate -- about the halfway point to home.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Oh Dear...Houston We Have a Problem...

"Psychiatrist visit in the morning," my father told me during the medication ritual tonight.

"I know you don't want to go, but it must be done," Johnny Otis then told me.

The furry little Magster was laying perfectly on the floor and looked thoroughly comfortable.

"Is she sleeping?" my father asked and then I laughed.

"She's got one eye open for good measure. She's not going to miss a beat."

I happily gulped my myriad of pills down this evening. Luckily, I only have to see Dr. Edwards every six months now that I am "stable", Whatever stable is these days.

Dad told me to deter and coach me that if I talk about last week's depression, then I will have to come back in two weeks and would also cause a change in my medications. Damned if I do and damned if I don't.

"I'll call you at ten in the morning to make sure you are up and we will get us both some steak biscuits afterward," my father furthered.

I could just float in a sea of Hardee's steak biscuits. Don't forget the mustard as well!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Maggie Says We Have a Go For a Charlie Visit...

Charlie showed up late tonight and I was not expecting him at all.  It was getting very late and I wondered where in the hell my father was -- the tension growing ever more worrisome and mounting.

Charlie was in my father's white Ford F-150 tonight so I almost didn't recognize him. I was like holy shit, who is this? My social anxieties then went off the scale. I turned on my porch lights and hoped for the best. Maggie knew soon, though, as the truck pulled up to the curb that it was Charlie. The pod people, Jehovah's witnesses, were already in their spaceship for the evening.

Charlie gave me my medications, loved on Maggie for a bit, and we were soon on our way.

"Come on! Let's go get you something good to drink and eat," Charlie told me. "Your father told me to take good care of you in his stead tonight."

I told Charlie that I would just be thrilled to get three Mountain Dews down at the Circle K after we took my medications. I really shouldn't eat very much after taking all those medications.

Hopefully, A Quiet Day Ahead...

The awesome and rare BL-2 locomotive...

Let's make this home tranquility base today.


Brass locomotives are extremely costly.
My father has no qualms when I ask for train related orders from Walther's. I can even order them from home as long as I clear them by my father first, but he absolutely hates me ordering computer parts. It makes me scratch my head in confusion. I enjoy both hobbies very much.

"Oh, you just tear those computers up tinkering with them and then you need a new one," he told me recently.

I don't argue with him as I know it is a fruitless endeavor. He is like a stubborn old mule on those regards.

Not a BLT, but a BL-2...

Today's model railroading project is ordering some new undecorated engines and painting them later on in Chattahoochee Valley livery. My fleet is really growing. I also had to order some new custom decals today.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Way Down Yonder in the Deep Freeze...

Papa John has just left the premises. He was in a hurry to get home after working all day. Bless his heart! He even managed to remember to bring my Cokes and cigarillos as well. What heaven! They were still cold from sitting in my father's car all day.

"I am going to give you your crazy meds, feed and water Maggie, and then I am heading home," the toilsome and tired creature before me said.

"It is also going to get down to 27° degrees in the morning," my father woefully and worriedly said. "I hope it doesn't kill my azaleas."

Mine are all in full bloom as well. We will have to cross our fingers tonight and tomorrow night and then hope it warms up quickly as the temperatures moderate.

"We got audited by the state board of pharmacy today," my father then told me. "I knew things were fine, but it still makes you nervous none-the-less."

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Very Dreary Night For Grocery Shopping...

Skinny Minnie, dad added the fried bacon to the dough then baked them. It makes for a decadent breakfast for two or more -- even better with a dollop of strawberry preserves.


The rain was falling kind of sideways (Scottish weather) as my father and I loaded up my car with groceries. Water was dripping off the bib of my cap.

"I was really worried about you," my father told me as he gave me a hug tonight. "I was so glad to see all your indoor lights on and you being up and about.".

"Yeah, I had what Churchhill described as his black dog (depression) all last week," I told my father. "I always bounce back, though."

I spent $74 dollars tonight and my father didn't day a word. He was just happy to see me and for me to be okay.