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drab and dreary

drab and dreary

Thursday, February 23, 2017

That's One Hell of an Injection You've Got There...

I think I am the only person in the world that can fall asleep sitting upright in their chair. I was sound asleep in my Laz-E-Boy when the shrill phone rang and I was jolted out of a very peaceful slumber and sweet dreams.

Reality Bites...

"We both forgot your injection!" my father said, sounding frantic as if the Titanic were sinking.

I wanted to tell my father women and children first.

I pulled on some pants, grabbed a jacket, and out my front door I went. Keep in mind that I was in a deep REM sleep just mere minutes ago. I felt very impaired on the drive to the pharmacy. I kept having this feeling that my car was not going to stop at traffic lights which is extremely, incredibly disconcerting. Yes, it would've have been a white-knuckled ride with Andrew this morning.

"You are never late," Rebecca playfully ribbed me and giving me a hard time. "I was going to call your father if you haven't arrived at 10:00 AM."

As I was leaving, patients started to  quickly fill the lobby hoping to see a doctor. I had perfect timing on that matter today.

Comment Replies...

amelia said...

Do you ever forget your cokes in the freezer and have a big mess??

Andrew replies...

Yes, Amelia! You are very astute. I had two burst just this last weekend and it was a mess to clean up. It sounded like a gun going off inside my house while I was lying in the bed. I cursed loudly and put the four left in the sink in case of another frozen explosion. Maggie looked up nonchalantly and went back to sleep.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bobby Burgers Delight...

My father gave me a big surprise tonight. You know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach right? That certainly applies to me as well. Dad brought bobby burgers or more widely known as Manwiches. He cooks them from scratch saying the stuff in the can tastes funny and has a twang.

One important thing I've noticed about my father lately is that he is no longer drinking all that wine. The boozy visits have ceased. He was playing with hell-fire with a family history of Uncles and Aunts on both sides of his family who were all severe alcoholics. My fall from grace would have been several years ago if I tried that stunt.

Pluses and Minuses...

The photo above is how far along I want to be in two or a few more months. I want to have the benchwork up and the trains rolling.

Charlie called me tonight just after my father left.

"Did Jimmy James ever show up?" Charlie asked.

Charlie was fixing to come over and see his handiwork.

"He never showed," I told Charlie -- his aggravation apparent. "I stayed close to home hoping he would be here any moment."

"He's a pain in the ass, but he sure does damn good work!"

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Perfectly Deplorable...

So, Papa is heading home after a rough day. It was pouring down rain when he arrived. A few hundred miles to the North and then we would be having a historic snowstorm. Dad shook off his umbrella and put it by the door before he came inside.

"I filled over 300 prescriptions today if you can believe it!" my father told me proudly as he sat down on my couch.

Dad handed me my crazy meds and I gulped them down all at once.

Maggie snuggled close up him with him being Gamma dog who is allowed such amenities. It is certainly is deplorable weather outside and perfect weather for warm homes and even warmer hearths. He had also remembered to bring my cigarillos and Cokes and for that I was very happy and animatedly so. I thought I was going to have to drive and get them in this terrible weather.

"Let's give Ms. Maggins her food and water and I shall be on my way," my father told me.

I am fixing to go crack open one of my Diet Cokes which are getting icy in my freezer, light a cherry hinted cigarillo, and recline in my chair with my iPad and this months Model Railroader magazine.

Comment Replies...

glittermom said...

Didn't your mother do your grocery shopping at one time? its good your able to do your own shopping...

Andrew Replies...

Glittermom? Mom did all my shopping due to my anxiety attacks several years ago. Bless her heart. She used a calculator to make sure I wasn't buying too much. She would then pull up to the curb and honk her horn. I would then walk out to bring in all the food. Yes, it is good to do all my shopping.

Mom would also do my father's and her shopping as well after she did my shopping. It was amazing what she could do back then only a few years ago. 

And Water Fell From the Beyond...

It is raining here at quite a good clip. Maggie has been whining because she had to use the bathroom and didn't want to get wet. This usually means that I get wet as well. Misery loves company as the old saying goes.

"Come on sweetheart," I told her kindly as I pulled on a weatherproof jacket. "It's potty break time."

She was then waiting on me at the back door. I have never seen a dog so adverse to getting wet. If you turn on the water in the tub, she will go flying out the dog door thinking she is getting a bath.

It didn't take Maggie long to wee wee and we were back inside when the heavens opened up as I shut the back door. First thing a wet Maggie did? Go jump on the bed and take a nap. I chuckled. To be a dog. I got her off the sheets so she could lay on the comforter on top.

It should rain for the rest of the night which will make for great sleeping weather tonight. They, the Weather Service, say we are under drought conditions. All this rain should help.

Grand Central Junction...

Charlie helped for several hours this morning and now my "computer room" is completely devoid of anything -- it is a perfectly empty room.

"What are we going to do about the windows?" I asked Charlie.

"We are going to tear out the inside frames and leave the windows intact," he said. "We will then put sheet rock over them and you are going to need track lighting for the ceiling to light the room and to light your model railroad."

I also want to put a light colored linoleum over the hardwood floor in that room.

Monday, February 20, 2017

A Ten Minute Thrill Ride in Jermaine's Cart...

I was bending over to put four bags of frosted flakes in my cart when I heard a familiar mechanical whir and then that completely unmistakable voice.

"Where does Alec shop?" Jermaine asked as I put the voluminous bags of frosted flakes in my cart.

I noticed he had two honeydew melons and some grapes in his cart on his Huv-a-round. He was eating the grapes as he shopped.

"His wife shops at Publix in Auburn I believe," I told Jermaine. "I doubt my brother does the shopping, though."

I was on a mission tonight to get out of there as fast as I could. I was just not in the mood for grocery shopping tonight. Dad said we were "bumfuzzled" tonight. He had trouble checking out at one of the self serve lanes.

"Love ya man! But I've got to run," I told Jermaine treading softly.

Jermaine told me to step over so he could give a man hug.

I hope I didn't hurt his feelings. It took me ten minutes for me to do my shopping and the total was $74.94. I told my father it was inflation and he let out a hearty laugh. I've had some very expensive grocery store visits lately.

"Let's have a look at what your buying tonight," my father said he then told me got some good stuff for not shopping very long. The two pies were $16 dollars and are what cost me so much.

Let Them Eat Cake....

That's what Maggie told me tonight in dog lingo. Let them eat cake. The first thing on tonight's agenda is to get lots and lots of bananas. Kroger was sold out last week and the lady assured me they didn't have any back in the storage area (I went and looked anyway breaking the rules). ONLY EMPLOYEES PAST THIS POINT.

You all know what I want next is two pies -- Edwards lemon meringue pie and Hershey's chocolate creme pie. I am certainly a nutritionist's worst nightmare.

A Grand Adventure...

My father had all four grandkids over this weekend and he looks like he had been wrung through the wringer today. Dad is a clean freak and I have never seen his house in such disarray. I woke him up when I knocked on the back door tonight. He was laying on the couch recuperating.

"We're buying groceries tonight, right?" he asked.

"I will do fine if you just stay home," I told him hopefully. "You are tired. You won't have to worry one bit."

"I've got to give you your medications anyway so I better come with you," my father said disappointingly.

Aw Shucks! I tried!

Birth of the Chattahoochee Valley Model Railway...

Charlie is taking a half day from work tomorrow to help me get ready for his nephew, Jimmy James. I've already got my computers and all my computer gear moved into the bedroom and spent most of yesterday marveling over all the junk I've accumulated these past 8 years I have lived here. We need to move the rest or put it in storage in Charlie's basement. Jimmy James comes Wednesday to begin tearing out the closet in what used to be my computer room.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust...

It was a quiet ride back up the interstate to the Chattahoochee Valley. My father and I had just been to a somber funeral where many tears were shed. It can really tug on your heartstrings to see so many friends in anguish. "Hugs for everybody!"

Part of the drive was showing my father things about his car he din't know. Hell, dad didn't even know how to open his glove box.

"These two buttons control the heated seats," I told him.

We turned them on and soon our rumpuses were toasty warm. Dad also has a panoramic sunroof and it thrilled me to open it up. I was greeted by blue skies and wispy white clouds.

"What do you think death is?" my father asked ponderously as he drove.

"It is final and it is the finish line," told him. "You live forever by the propagation of your genes."

I then chuckled to my father and told him I was a genetic dead end. I don't think any woman would want to sire progeny with me if she was in her right mind.

When we arrived back at my house, we took my many medications and performed Maggie's cherished ritual. She was sitting in the den window waiting on us.

"Shit! I am tired," dad said. "I am leaving here, putting on my pajamas, and watching some TV."

Friday, February 17, 2017

You Only Get One...

My father went to J.L.s visitation tonight at the funeral home. I thought he would be extremely late, but he arrived at 8:30 PM.-- which is about the normal time my father arrives after work. I sighed with relief as Maggie and I headed to the front door in the den to greet him. I had planned a midnight vigil for his arrival.

"Papa's Here!!!" I said loudly to Maggie.

Death was knocking on my door and making me think out of the box this morning about some neat changes I could and should incorporate in my life seeing that I only have one. I decided I am going to play fewer video games and put those efforts into model railroading (true artistry), online learning or my online journal. I will love to grace the pages of Model Railroader some day.


"Tara asked about you," my father then told me.

Dad didn't sit down on the couch as he had dark pants on and didn't want to get Maggie's hair all over them. We stood in the den talking. We also took my medications and headed to the laundry room to take care of Maggie's ritual. Some things must go on come hell or high water.

Tara is J.L's daughter. She is also one helluva go-getter. She was Auburn University's most valuable employee last year.

"I told her you loved her and that you appreciated the card she sent you after your mother's death."

"Remind me to get another card when we go shopping at Kroger Monday night," I replied to my father. "So I can return the favor."

That Little Scoundrel...

The Meter Readers came today and left the left side fence open. I was sitting here at this computer when I saw Maggie once again scratching her back on the grass in the front yard. Birds gotta fly and fish gotta swim. I got this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was also so very damn livid. School had just let out and the neighborhood streets were saturated with cars as the elementary school is just down the street.

Dammit! We Have a Hoodlum On Our Hands...

I finally enticed Maggie in with some tasty and expensive cold cuts (Black Forest ham). Food is the only way I have found that works reliably. Maggie can think with her stomach sometimes. I let her smell it first and then she quickly followed me inside through the front door. The door slammed shut behind her as I sighed in incredible relief. If I were a cat, I would have just lost one of my nine lives.

What did Maggie want once I got her inside? Yes, it was more food. I put the rest of that ham on a paper plate and sat it down on the floor in the laundry room by her usual food dish. She ate her regular dog food as well.

I can't make the call myself because of my phone phobias, but I am getting dad to call city utilities tomorrow or Monday about what happened. This is the second time they left the fence open.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

And He Wonders Where I Get it From...

I've learned to turn my TV off when it is about time for my father to arrive.  My father is completely addicted to the television. Then, I have his attention and we can carry on a normal conversation.

I forgot tonight and my father zeroed in on the TV like Big Boy on Hiroshima and was asking me questions about what was on. I call most TV "Cops and Robbers" as so many countless shows revolve around murder, crime, and the penal system.

"It is all social manipulation and conditioning," I told my father and he chuckled and said that's the paranoid side of my schizophrenia talking.

As my father was leaving, he asked me about how I felt about mom.

"It gets easier as each day passes by," I told him. "I keep thinking she will call soon and see how I and the Magster are doing."

"At least, she didn't have a long protracted illness in the nursing home or the hospital," my father told me to soften the blow. "Let's count our blessings."

We proceeded to take my medications as another Klonopin fell out of my father's hand and went rolling across the floor. We did manage to find it by my entertainment center. Whew!

This Intrigued Me...

I am a super Big Mac fan and I have been claiming for years that the Big Mac keeps getting smaller and smaller as the price increases. I am getting me a Grand Mac tomorrow and we will see how it tastes. How many calories do you think that burger is going to entail?

Friendly Foreigners Are Always Welcome...

I was standing in line at the Piggly Wiggly doing some covert and low-cost shopping this afternoon when this young and very nice looking guy behind me struck up a conversation.

"Where are all the good places to eat around here?" he asked me after shaking my hand.

When in Rome Do As the Romans Do...

"Avoid Wing Time across the parking lot," I told him. "I tried it a few times and it was terrible."

"If you want to eat some really, really good barbecue then Chuck's barbecue in Valley and Roger's barbecue across the river are both great places to go," I told him. "They sell Southern style barbecue -- Vinegary, tart, and with a hint of mustard."

"Merl's Diner down the road is also good and has about everything a restaurant could sell," I then told him. "They have a really good fried catfish plate. The hamburger steak platter is also great as well and my father would vouch for that."

"Now if you are looking for low-cost fare then fast food row is just down the highway past the interstate."

I noticed the fellow had some loaf bread, mayonnaise, Kraft cheese slices, mustard and some cold cuts in his basket.

It was my time to check out and I put my two boxes of Little Debbie fudge walnut brownies on the counter. Certainly I didn't break the bank at $2.22.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Comment Replies...

glittermom said...

How much further from you is the river house compared to where your father lives now?

Andrew Replies...

Glittermom, about a quarter mile -- basically just down the street and a turn and you are there. My father often says that he wanted that house since he was kid. He made an offer and they accepted.

But Doesn't the River Smell Sometimes?

Straight Out of the Appalachians and then Atlanta...

That's what one of the pharmacy techs asked my father the other day. "Doesn't the river smell coming out of Atlanta?"

My father grumbled something as he told me about it.

The river house had a very large pool, but my father had it demolished today and the hole filled in with several dump trucks of topsoil. I haven't been to the river house in a long time and things are coming along very nicely. Dad had all new windows put in last month. The kitchen is next with new appliances.

"I think I am going to sell your mother's house and mine and move into the river house indefinitely," my father told me.

Mom had often alluded to this already...

"Aren't you worried about floods and flooding?" I asked my father.

"We're not in the floodplain," my father told me and I was not sure what he meant.

The house is 10 feet from the water.

"At least get enrolled in the Federal flood protection insurance program."

"Come on, Chuck!" he said with lots of motivation in his voice, "Let's go get your medications and get you fixed up for the night."

I had hoped for this, but I didn't say anything.

"That's not why I came to see you," I told my father, but it was a moment of elation for me.

So Many Passings Lately...

Dad's good friend J.L.Grant passed away early this morning. Liz, his wife and high school classmate of my father, called to give him the news. I expected a somber and melancholy father but he just seemed to be very thankful for being alive.

"Don't you and Charlie go dying on me as you two are all I've got," I told my father.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Let's Get This Alco RS-1 Looking Good...

The CHV bought this Alco RS-1 locomotive to help build West Point Dam carrying rocks, cement, sand, and such.

Say Good Night Gracie...

I hurriedly put away my groceries last night. I wrote my customary grocery day blog post while I drank my wonderful Sunkist sodas. I then sat down in my recliner for a quick break and to take a gander at the Weather Channel. I was sleeping like a baby before I had a chance to even go to bed. As soon as my body hit that comfortable suede chair, I was down for the count as they say and in slumber-land. I just woke up feeling rested with a little bit of disorientation and the sun is almost over the horizon. Now, that was certainly a fine power nap if I say so myself.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Full Moon = Full Lunatic...

Dad showed up at my house a little late as I expected, He was tired and he was a little sad and melancholy. He had been down to Auburn to see his big Buddy J.L. who is dying from prostate cancer (we hope not but it is looking grim). That's why he was so late and I felt ashamed of myself for doubting him. We took my medications and fulfilled our obligation to our dearest Maggie. Next, was a short drive to Kroger.

"Goddamn, how does a grocery store run out of bananas?" dad said scratching his head in thought.

"There goes my main snack for the week," I replied stymied. "And welcome to Kroger."

Even the organic bananas were sold out. I usually buy two big bunches of green ripening bananas. I got a honeydew melon and a cantaloupe melon to make up for the missing bananas mishap.

"Now, I am getting some rechargeable batteries and a charger," I alerted and warned my father. "I also need a new flashlight as well. It might be a little pricey."

Those were some expensive purchases once we tallied everything up. I had spent $94. I looked at my father and my face flushed in embarrassment. Yeah, I am a rabble-rouser.

The hardest part of buying groceries is getting everything inside and put away. I also have to keep the Magster on the other side of my front door lest she runs frolicking out the front yard and the neighborhood.

You Take the Good With the Bad...

My one and only really big gripe about my life these days is that I am always and constantly waiting on someone else for what I need. I can't even go buy a hamburger without approval.

I just called my father to inquire about his whereabouts because we buy groceries tonight. He was kind of surly with me about my call and he said he would be over here in a little bit. What is a little bit? One hour? Two hours? He was very vague and it is already 9:45 PM here.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Man With A Black Shirt As Dark As Night...

I was going to greatly surprise my father tonight. I made my most sincere and best efforts to do so. I took a shower, put on some nice clothes, cleanly shaved my scruffy face, and straightened up the house all the while freshening things up with some Febreze air freshener.

Charlie's car came pulling up to the curb around 7:45 PM as I walked out to help bring in all the food and sodas. Wouldn't it be my luck that all my tiresome efforts were met only by Charlie's ever watchful eye? My father had something to do with my sister and the Grand Kids. Charlie was also more interested in my trash and not my composure and togetherness in this matter. Bless Charlie anyway for bringing me supper and cleaning the kitchen. I will try again tomorrow night when my father arrives for the medication ritual.

Chattahoochee Valley Railway Modeling...

Jimmy James, Charlie's nephew, will be here next week to tear out the train room closet. Charlie says he is a goofball and a pain in the ass but does damn good work. They bicker like siblings.

Tonight's project is painting an undecorated SW1500 locomotive in CHV livery -- the mainstay locomotive many years for the CHV.