There is More to Crazy People than Just Being Crazy...

There is More to Crazy People than Just Being Crazy...

You have a right to live. You have a right to be. You have these rights regardless of money, health, social status, or class. You have these rights, man, woman, or child. These rights can never be taken away from you, they can only be infringed. When someone violates your rights, remember, it is not your fault.

drab and dreary

drab and dreary

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Storm Clouds On the Horizon...

The Papas has left and in good spirits as well. He regaled me in an episode of what we begrudgingly call the "key disease". The whole family except my departed mother has it. It might have been what put my mother in her early grave. It drove her crazy. We continually lose our keys despite our best efforts to keep up with them.

"I had your mother's car key as I was driving her car," dad regaled me. "I stopped at McDonald's to get a sausage biscuit and Senior coffee. I got all the way to the drug store and realized the keys to open the drug store were on a different keyring hung up in the kitchen on the key caddy."

Dad had to drive all the way back to his house to get the keys and the pharmacy was 20 minutes late opening.

Shall We Be Weather Friends?

I had called my father earlier telling him stormy weather was on the way. The radar was lit up like a Christmas tree. He showed up at a record 8 pm tonight. I was overjoyed. He soon skedaddled on out of here to miss the swath of heavy rain and thunderstorms on the way.

My Doting Mother Hen and Good Days Come My Way...

I just called dad to tell him I hoped he would have a good day. He sounded jovial and in good spirits and we bantered back and forth for a few minutes in conversation. We were both having a good start to our day.

"Be thinking of me," I told my father. "It is going to be a long day until I get my medications tonight."

I've gotten so used to getting my medications around noon lately and it has been very nice. I've been spoiled. I am sort of afraid today in that I will experience withdrawal and be miserable. Today is going to be a test of my mettle and I also told my father this. It will be well over 24 hours since I took my last dosage of crazy meds tonight when my father arrives for the medication ritual. So far, I feel fine and dandy, and let's hope it stays that way.

"You can do it," dad replied. "Let's get back on schedule. Think good thoughts! Half of your problem is psychosomatic anyway."

I have no other recourse so it serves no purpose for me to worry and fret.

As soon as I hung up the cordless phone in its cradle, my doting mother hen, Tuleana, called.

"Hey, Jon-Jon. What did you have for breakfast?" Tuleana asked.

"I had some cheese eggs and some frozen yeast biscuits toasted in my toaster oven," I told her.

"Did you manage to get some gas?" she then asked worriedly.

"I've got a full tank so we have a green light to go Friday for getting groceries."

She sounded as happy as I felt this morning.

"I don't know what we would do without you!" she said. "Thank you!"

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sometimes it is the Little Things That Can Excite You...

I couldn't wait to get home and try the Liquid Plumber I bought for a bathroom sink that has been very slow to drain for years. Don't ask me why I haven't done this sooner, but I have to be very careful about my father with such regards. He will try to call our plumber, Mike, and I have to go on a mad cleaning spree before Mike gets here so he won't think I am a total slob. I just poured it into the sink so we shall soon see by morning if it works.

I conformed to a typical Papa pleasing Andrew shopping trip tonight. I got one pie, an Edwards turtle pie, which will be an interesting new pie to try. A big pack of $3.99 Little Debbie honeybuns were on the venue as something sweet as well. I got some Marie Callender meals and some cereal. I got four of the Marie's turkey and dressing meals which are my favorite as far as frozen meals go. I also couldn't leave without my 4 gallons of whole milk. Think frosted flakes. The total came to be just under seventy dollars which pleased my father very much.

"Let's get back to normalcy," he said to me hugging me as we walked across the parking lot. "You did good tonight."

The night got off to an auspicious start when my father still had not arrived at 9:30 pm and we also had to fill up our cars with gas as well. As I had surmised, my father got caught by his cell phone and was talking away to his cousin Johnny as time slipped up on him. He called me apologizing and told me to go ahead and head-out down to the Circle K. He would meet me there.

Peace Returns to My Formally Turbulent Little World...

The Pill that Works Wonders for My Anxiety...
Things seemed to have settled down and peace and quiet has returned to the land. I just had a long heart to heart talk with my father while I was getting my medications for the day.

"At least, Rich and Tuleana don't do drugs or drink alcohol," I told my father in their defense. "That has to be a big plus regarding my past problems with alcohol!"

I can't take things being amiss in my life anymore or all the turmoil that results from that. I am getting too old for strife for that matter as well.

"Don't forget about groceries tonight," my father told me as I stepped outside his back door. "I will see you at nine and we will go get you some gas as well."

Dad had me call him when I got home to make sure I was home okay as my low fuel light was on in my CR-V. He insists on paying for my gasoline. The low fuel light means I have 35 miles give or take of drive time until empty.

Damned if You Do and Damned if You Don't...

Dad told me he wasn't giving me my mother's car if I continue to carry Rich and Tuleana around. It was kind of an ultimatum.

"You're putting all those miles on your car and they don't give a shit about you," my father told me knowing nothing of their relationship with me and our friendship. He only knows that I give them rides and they are very poor (relatively speaking).

"I was just going to drive your mother's car and not buy me a new Accord sedan," is what he told me.

Well, I told Tuleana this morning that I can only carry them on Friday afternoons to go get their groceries and that's it -- it was a concession of sorts. I then called my father and left a message on his cellphone to tell him I am not getting my mother's car.

"I have just too soft of a heart and they need me," I told my father with a tear streaming down my cheek. "They are my friends and need my help."

I have yet to hear from my father about the message I left. He is out and about in his Honda so that means he is nearby and will probably be home soon. I have no earthly idea about how he is going to react.


Dad just called me a moment ago. 

"I am leaving that entirely up to you," he told me. "I am going to rely on your judgment, but don't let them use you. You are naive about the world, Andrew."

I keep thinking about the gang I hung out with at the Piggly Wiggly every morning years ago and Rich and Tuleana seem like pussycats in comparison. I don't tell my father this, though. I once lived a rough and tumble life myself -- drinking every day and raising holy hell. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Do Your Participles Dangle?

Sunday night fried chicken has been served to the minions, Maggie and I. Charlie had to go run some nebulous errand for Horsefly so dad stayed with me while he was gone. I had worked for several hours to clean my kitchen and my father was really bragging on me. I do it for Charlie. He always feels compelled to clean my kitchen and I headed him off at the pass tonight. Charlie still always finds something to do, though.

Maggie and I were glad and gracious to get our supper. Maggie gets one chicken strip and I get two. I also always eat the biscuit firsthand as they are delicious fresh and hot, but horrid if they get lukewarm or cold. The biscuit was nice and buttery tonight. I will save the mashed potaters for later when I get hungry again. That's what microwaves are made for.

Tuleana called me shortly in good spirits before my father arrived. Richard was making spaghetti and meat sauce from the truckload of ground beef they buy every month.

"You and Rich are just alike about those video games and computers," she told me chuckling.

Don't Get My Dog Down...

I have never quite seen Maggie so glad to see Charlie this morning. It was really heartwarming to witness. She squealed extremely loudly and was letting me know that Charlie was here.

Maggie's not your average dog and quickly learned to nose the matt to the couch back in place. Maggie was on the couch when Charlie pulled up to the curb this morning. My "child" can surprise me at times and it surprised me when I walked into the den this morning to open the door. Maggie was carrying on like it was the second coming of Christ.

"How is my favorite nephew?" Charlie asked me jesting as he walked across my yard and handed me a large Coke and a bag of sausage biscuits.

I was having to keep Maggie from bolting through the door.

"I'm just fine uncle Charlie," I said with a relieved grin. "Step inside and see Maggie for a moment."

Magie was just beside herself to greet and welcome the beta dog into our home.

"I'll see you tonight," Charlie then said. "Do you want your usual?"

"Yeah, just get the chicken strips $5 fillup meal," I replied. "I've got to have my chocolate chip cookie and a large mashed potatoes and gravy."

I Got My Just Desserts...

I knew not to look at my recent comments this morning. I had supremely and correctly surmised what was written in them. Negativity always fosters negativity when it concerns my blog and blog comments. I had a dozen "good" writings before that and no one commented. I am a very sensitive fellow and it can really get to you at times, you know? I am not blaming anyone, but most of you are my friends and I have grown to adore many of you.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Coyote -- The Trickster, May Be at Play...

This post evoked thoughts of the Coyote, the trickster, in Amercian Indian lore. Has Maggie met her cerebral match?

Maggie can't get enough traction on my hardwood floors to jump onto the couch without the help of a little bathroom mat. The more she jumps up on the couch the further back she pushes the mat. Well, now she can't jump up on the couch. I am watching closely to see how Maggie is reacting to this. She wants me to move the mat back into position, but I want her to learn to do it herself. It is also nice to have her with me in the computer room for a change on the floor at this hour of the night.

Martha, My Mother, is Calling...

"Alright Martha!" my father exclaimed with a chuckle when I called and asked for my medications before he left home for the Auburn game.

"It is going to be before noon," he trepidatiously told me. "Don't you think that is too early?"

It probably is, but I don't want to wait until midnight to get my medications either. I am going to be a riverboat gambler and hope things turn out okay. Either way you look at it, it is a lose/lose situation.

"I will be fine hopefully," I then complacently told my father. "I don't think I can bear waiting until way late tonight."

Beautiful BLTs!

Charlie and my father were eating some very delicious looking bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches for supper when I arrived at my father's house last night. Charlie offered to fix me two sandwiches, but I declined not wanting to take my medications on a full stomach.

"I am moving back to the Valley (to his newly purchased house) and selling my house in West Point," Charlie told me excitedly.

I offered my help in moving and Charlie said he was going to take me up on that. I may be mentally disabled, but I am not physically disabled. I have a strong back and can help.

Dad had been drinking some wine and I didn't want him to drive over and give me my medications last night so I took the initiative and drove over there instead. Dad was still in his pajamas after a long afternoon nap. He was a little giddy as well from the wine acting silly talking about how relaxed his pussy (cat) was in her leather chair. Charlie just rolled his eyes at me which made me smile broadly and then laugh.

"Y'all better not be talking about my pussy!" dad loudly said from the den.

Dad was then clumsily giving me my medications when he dropped a pill.

"Where did it go?" dad asked perplexed looking all over the floor.

"It fell into one of your bedroom slippers," I explained.

Dad removed his slipper and out rolled a lithium pill.

Friday, September 15, 2017

I Felt Like Tiny Tim Forgotten and Abandoned...

Well, my doctor's appointment went swell (sarcasm). I didn't say one word other than the initial pleasantries as I walked into my doctor's office. Dad and I took our respective seats and soon the shenanigans began. Dad and my doctor got embroiled in a rolling and convoluted conversation about painkillers in the psychiatric and pharmaceutical world. They were talking shop as some would say.

"Don't look so slumped over and nervous like that," dad told me at one point trying to bolster me and my spirits. "You look pitiful!"

"I am nervous and I am having a lot of anxiety!" I protested as my doctor and my father continued their rolling conversation on painkillers.

I then very timidly and rudely said, interrupting the conversation, "I want to leave and go get Maggie's and my steak biscuits as our reward."

That was my father's cue to shake my psychiatrist's hand and tell him goodbye. I don't have to come back for another six months.

"I'm sorry," my father said on the drive home as we ate our biscuits. "I didn't realize how uncomfortable you were."

"I thought I was going to jump out of my skin for a moment there," I replied.

I Don't Wanna Wait!

Unfortunately, this morning is my visit with my psychiatrist which always equals a long, anxious and crazed wait in the lobby. It can seem like an eternity as patient after patient is called back and not us. My anxiety grows and grows as well to the point my hands soon shake. Dad and I will anxiously look at our watches as time passes. Dad and I both agreed to get the earliest possible appointment this time which is ten our time and nine Auburn time so hopefully, that will help.

One great caveat of this little venture is the two steak biscuits I get at Hardee's afterward. Those things are heaven on earth. Dad always gets a sausage biscuit and a Senior coffee.

"Now, don't say anything is wrong and you won't have to come back in six months," my father coached me over the phone this morning.

We were both trying to wake up, shower, and get dressed.

"What if something was wrong and I need help?" I argumentatively asked my father.

I had wanted to talk about how I cycle from day to night as far as my sleeping habits go.

"Then we will have to come back in two weeks after a medication adjustment or addition," my father replied sounding exasperated. "You don't want to have to come back in two weeks, do you?"

Thursday, September 14, 2017

We Bring Tidings of Great Joy and Great Comfort...

Ah, the dear Papas has come and gone. All is safe and sound in our little world.

We had a good visit talking about me as a young man and as an un-medicated schizophrenic. Dad appreciated my honesty and the forthcoming answers to his questions.

"I was a sad drunk," I told my father of my time at college. "Beer was my medication then. I loved to drive around the deserted country roads, listen to music, and shed a tear or two in my beer."

Rickie Lee Jones, Joni Mitchell, and Steely Dan serenaded me on many of those nights.

"Just think how differently your life would have been with Risperdal," my father told me forlornly.  "They didn't have all these atypical antipsychotics back then!"

"I probably would have finished college, become a music teacher, and had a family," I sadly replied to my father. "Rachel and I would still be married."

"Come on and let's go feed and water the Magster," my father said closing out the conversation.

Maggie and I were so glad to see Dad tonight. I like it when he comes about half past eight and doesn't make us languish anxiously for his arrival until after nine and sometimes ten.

The Case of the Missing Bologna (Solved)...

Well, I found the missing bologna all ripe smelling, green, and ready for the trash. It was wedged between two big bags of Kroger frosted flakes still in the shopping bag. Sighs!

I didn't need the cereal just yet as I still had some from last week I was eating so I didn't notice it till I needed some cereal this afternoon.

Customer No Service!

Still! It was the customer service dude bagging my groceries. He should have put the bologna with all my other cold and frozen items. Not the cereal. Do you want any cheese with that whine?

Comment Replies...

Blogger Kran's Crackers said...

Is it almost time for your shot? How often do you get them?
- Sharon -

Andrew Replies...

Sharon, thank you! I get them every two weeks so I am good until Thursday of next week when it will be one more time for my injection. I have to go to see my psychiatrist tomorrow and that is about as fun as it sounds. At least, I get two Hardee's steak biscuits out of the deal. Dad is already coaching me on what to say to my doctor.

Oh, I've Got a Bad Case of the TVs...

Well, my television finally gave up its ghost. It was taking longer and longer to come on -- sometimes about 15 minutes or more. Charlie came by very early this morning to measure the spot my TV fits into my entertainment center so he will get the right size television.

"I'd rather have a nice computer monitor for that price," I told my father last night much to his dismay. "I rarely watch the television except for when I am eating."

"You can't go without a television," is all my television addicted father stalwartly said in return.

So, Charlie is getting me a television at Walmart this afternoon and I expect him to show up tonight to help me hook it up. At least, with Charlie purchasing my boob tube, it will be a nice TV. (I am hoping I can hook it up to my computer 😇)

Irma's Impacts on Central Alabama...

We came away pretty unscathed. We have a lot of trees down here, but we never did lose power. For that, I am very grateful. A very big tree fell in my father's yard over onto his neighbor's fence. That means my father has to pay to dispose of the tree and to fix Donnie's fence. He was grumbling about it yesterday when I was over at his house.

There is a huge limb down in my backyard that just barely missed my fence. Dad has a chainsaw and I am going to cut it up into manageable pieces and carry it to the road for pickup by the city.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Case of the Missing Bologna...

I swore I bought a container of bologna last night. I have checked the car and the fridge twice hoping to find it. Kroger is bad about that -- not putting all your paid for items into your cart and leaving it to languish to the side. You have to watch your bagger closely. Sandwiches are what I usually eat at the end of the week when I have exhausted my more appetizing food -- a holdover if you will.

Pharmacy Be Gone!

It is after 7 pm and that means Papa is on his way home up Hwy. 29. I look forward to seeing him tonight and sharing his company with Maggie. Hopefully, he won't be too exhausted that he can't stay awhile (I will turn on the television 😁). Personally? I am feeling rather shaky tonight and will relish taking my medications and going to bed amidst clean, laundered sheets and an enticingly warm comforter. I actually had to turn on the heat for the first time this fall season. There is a nip in the air.

The Ever Busy Charlie Visits this Morning...

Opening my Fanta strawberry journal writing soda for the day...

"Just what are you doing?" I asked Charlie when he stepped inside my humble home with a plastic grocery bag full of stuff this morning.

Maggie was totally surprised and just delighted at this visit. She let it be known. Charlie sat down upon the couch and Maggie almost got into his lap she was so excited. Maggie's too big of a dog to be jumping into loved one's laps, though.

"Yes, I love you, too!" Charlie told Maggie in baby talk as he rubbed her vigorously.

"Frankly, your house smells of dogs and smoldering cigars," Charlie then said quite bluntly. "I brought you some Glade plugins and a couple of cans of Febreeze air freshener."

I smiled and then began to laugh. Charlie got to laughing as well. He's true. It does.

"I got you a plugin for every room," Charlie then told me. "Do you want to plug them in or do you want me to do it?"

I laughed again.

"Charlie, I will take care of it. You head to work, and thank you for looking out for me."

Monday, September 11, 2017

"It's nasty out there," said my father.,.

Well, we managed to get my groceries tonight. Loading and unloading was a test of my mettle -- the rain feeling like shards of ice cutting through your skin. The gale like wind was blowing the rain sideways compounding the pain and discomfort.

When I got home, I unloaded my groceries in record time. Maggie looked on upon the couch with an air of curiosity and great impudence. "Just what is he doing and at such great speed?"

Fruit juice was the theme tonight. I got all different kinds of fruit juices prompted by last week's impulse buy of apple juice. I really enjoyed that apple juice last week. I got mango, cran-grape, and guava for tonight's selection preferring the tropical side of the juice world.

My main expenditure tonight was ground chuck which was almost $20 alone. Yes, I am making my spaghetti once again. I braced for impact and derision upon the clerk ringing up my last item and the total was $77.00 dollars for which my father smiled. I sighed with relief and my mouth broke out into a big grin as well.

Ms. Irma's Ire...

I called dad and told him I was on the way to get my medications. This was about 1:30 pm.

"Take extra care," my father said. "It is getting really bad out there,"

"It is only going to get worse from here on out," I told my father. "That's why I want to go ahead and get my medications. I may not be able to get them any later."

I hurried to my car and the rain was icy and biting on my face blown about by the fierce winds. The car door shut with a thunk and I was in temporary sanctuary from nature's fury.

I didn't broach the topic of going to the grocery store tonight. It doesn't look like it is going to happen. I still have some loaf bread, mayonnaise, and Cotto salami to make sandwiches with and plenty of diet Cokes. I have cereal, but I just don't have any milk. There are two Marie Calendar meat loaf meals in the freezer I was saving to make sandwiches out of the meatloaf.

Like a Woman Scorned...

There was tons of debris on the roads on my drive to my father's house -- tree limbs and such. One tree was down on 8th avenue. The police were everywhere, but there was little traffic on the roads. I noticed the Piggly Wiggly was open along with Fred's super dollar (let those employees go home).

I Better Go Get My Medications...