There is More to Crazy People than Just Being Crazy...

There is More to Crazy People than Just Being Crazy...

You have a right to live. You have a right to be. You have these rights regardless of money, health, social status, or class. You have these rights, man, woman, or child. These rights can never be taken away from you, they can only be infringed. When someone violates your rights, remember, it is not your fault.

drab and dreary

drab and dreary

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I Really Am A Kid At Heart...

The ice cream truck just stopped by the house and I gleefully scrounged up enough dollars and cents to buy an orange slushie from our sophisticated ice cream man. I ran out to the road just as he was passing and he slammed on the brakes. Maggie got a vanilla ice cream sandwich and almost made a mess on the computer room rug. She cleaned up after herself, though.

Toast On Tuesday...

It was raining heavily when I woke up at high noon. It was music to my ears. We really need the rain and we really need the NWS to stop harping on about it.

I ambled into the kitchen to scramble some cheese eggs and make some toast. Maggie was underfoot throughout the whole venture. She is certainly one proud pup that I am cooking breakfast again when we wake up.

"Maggie? You'd eat anything even if it was still moving!" I said jokingly to my furry little friend.

It reminded me of the time Maggie brought in a live bat! Oh, the rigors of a dog door!

I am at a loss as to what to do with myself these days. I've decided once again I don't particularly enjoy Facebook much. It is like everybody is vying for your attention and trying to outdo everybody else. And there is a whole heluva lot of people graduating from high school that I have no idea who they are.

I am certainly running out of steam as far as this blog is concerned as well and I have no desire to play video games these days. I find myself a lot of the time posting to my blog out of boredom and I spend most of my spare online time at Wikipedia reading in a noisy room as Maggie makes all sorts of noises. Grunting, whining, snorting, sniffing, farting.

It is days like today that I really miss downing a dozen beers. The day would just fly by if I had a 12 or 18 pack and I wouldn't have a care in the world. It would be like looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. Oh, but the hangover would be hell I haven't had a drink in so long.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Holy Monetary Totals Batman!

"That can't be right," my father said scratching his head as we walked to our respective cars after grocery shopping. "For $66 dollars you got a shitload of groceries. I thought it was going to be a hundred bucks."

"I thought the same thing myself," I replied. "I was worried she didn't scan a few items."

It took me a long time to load my groceries into my car as my father stood to the side of me with the gift of the gab.

I also managed to get an Edwards lemon meringue pie (swoon) for the first time in weeks. It was hiding behind the rather unpopular Edwards cookies and cream pies.

"Y'all never have the pie he wants," dad had complained to the cashier to no avail.

She said two people had also asked tonight if we were going to get them in stock and how soon.

"The Key lime pie is very popular as well," she told us. "It always sells out."


The Risperdal Consta Experience

Don't Say the K Word...

Rejoining My Facebook Friends...

I haven't even visited Facebook very much in about 2 or 3 years. I visited yesterday when my father wanted to check out what my mother's siblings were doing and I now understand its appeal. On my blog, I would be lucky to get maybe one to a few reactions to a post. I just posted a picture of my little girl, Maggie, and had an almost instant 10 likes and many comments. It is almost instant and addictive gratification and attention.

I am not going to quit blogging, though. Facebook is for what I call fluff. Blogging is long form style writing that takes some thought, finesse, and skill. We will post goofy fluff on Facebook and write about more serious issues and my life on ye olde blog where I am mostly anonymous.

Grocery Day! Blessed Grocery Day!

I am hungry and I am ready to go shopping! I have a leftover KFC biscuit and some leftover KFC mashed potatoes to last me until tonight. I am going to stick to my usual plan which suits me pretty fine. I am ready for some more milk and cereal.

Dad commented on my protruding belly yesterday saying a diet is in order.

"It's all that cereal and whole milk you eat and drink," he told me. "It's what you call your Dun-lop."

I know I need to quit eating it, but I am addicted. Eating two pies a week or a half-gallon of ice cream doesn't help as well.

Edit: I just found a package of Micheal Angelo's manicotti and sauce in the fridge. Woo Hoo! It was hiding behind an almost empty carton of milk which was drained of its contents to the very last drop..

And Let There Be Rain...

I woke up this morning about noon and it was raining pretty heavily outside my bedroom windows. YES! We need the rain to get the National Weather Service to quit harping on and on about our drought in central Alabama.

This Portends Awesome...

Dad just called me as I was writing this post.

"Don't eat too much today," my father just told me over the phone "I am grilling filet mignons and cooking green beans and baked potatoes."

Karma has a way of kicking my ass and sometimes it lets magical things like this happen as well.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

And He Scrubbed and He Scrubbed...

Dad was on Facebook in the den with my laptop and Charlie was busy scrubbing my sink in the kitchen. I had the Mötley Crüe busy tonight trying to get me busy as well. I was also having to police dad to make sure he wasn't posting anything under my Facebook account as he scrolled through all the postings. He loves to antagonize my mother's brothers and sisters.

"Charlie? You don't have to do all that," I shamefully told him of my dirty sink as he scrubbed and washed all my dishes. "Come on and let's feed and water Maggie so y'all can head on home."

I had already taken out all the trash to the bin at the curb. I thought I was way ahead of the curve.

"Now dammit!" Charlie said adamantly. "I was born to clean!"

"Do you ever look at porn on your computer?" my father then surprised me and asked me in a risque manner.

He garnered a Cheshire grin as I rolled my eyes.

"Good god, dad!" I exclaimed. "That is just gross. That is one surefire way of screwing up your computer. I guarantee you!"

No wonder dad has so many problems with his computer that I have to fix. He is the malicious browser toolbar king.

"You mean you've never looked before? Surely curiosity has gotten the best of you," he said.

"I've looked before, but all those porn actresses look fake and out of my league," I said modestly.

"Do you remember what I told you and your brother in high school?" dad asked. "Your hand is your best friend."

"I am ready, John," Charlie said walking into the den with two more trash bags full of trash.

Helen Fried Chicken...

Damn, that was some good fried chicken and I always loved Helen's meatloaf and her superbly divine mac and cheese as well. Helen was a fine cook with regards to Southern soul food. I miss her dearly and I haven't heard from Helen in months. If I didn't have this damnable phone phobia, then I would call her and let you all know what she is doing these days. She called me pretty regularly a while back when I would answer the phone most of the time.

Papa and Charlie have headed out for our Sunday night chicken menagerie or Sunday night fried chicken as I call it. Dad just called me and asked me what I wanted tonight. I wanted the chicken strips meal like Horsefly has to get every Sunday night (every night as well) from KFC. I really wanted the zinger chicken sandwich but that would compliment matters too much. "What kind of sandwich?" my father would say with furrows in his brow.

Helen's Fried Pork Chops and Mac and Cheese

What A Nice Salad You Have There!

Charlie ran by breakfast this morning which is our routine. Sunday mornings are always looked forward to and cherished. He was running a little later than usual. Maggie was first to alert me to his arrival. I got very excited and was so very glad to see him. I was holding out on the hopes that he would arrive soon.

"I am in a hurry or I would visit with you folks," Charlie told me as he handed me and Maggie's sausage biscuits through the door. "Horsefly is acting antsy Janice said. Lord knows we don't want Horsefly to pitch a hissy fit."

Charlie told me he had to tear up Horsefly's sausage biscuit in small little bits or he will get sick at his stomach. I do the same for the Magster. She wolfs down her food and I always worry she will get choked.

"Thank you fella," I told him very affectionately as I gave him a man hug.

A few hours later, I was sitting at this computer browsing about electric cars when my father called. Did you know my brother's electric Tesla produces the equivalent of 400 horsepower? Also, the torque of an electric motor is almost instant, unlike a car whose engine has to build its torque as the engine rpm's rise.

Back to the matters at hand after that little segue.

"Janice is making chicken salad for lunch. Do you want to come and ride with me? I'll pick you up in a few moments."

"Give me time to throw on some decent clothes and I will be ready to go," I told my father.

I immediately went rummaging through my clothes dryer looking for a good shirt and pair of shorts that weren't too wrinkled.

After we arrived, Janice asked me if I wanted a chicken salad sandwich or if I wanted to eat my chicken salad with crackers. I opted for the crackers and they were absolutely delicious.

Sufjan Stevens - The Dress Looks Nice On You

Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Barbecue Chicken Plate Bonus...

I went to pick up my pork chops and rice and got this bonus church barbecue chicken plate as well. I love these things and graciously accepted when my father offered it to me. 

Comment Reply...

 glittermom said...

If you had a whole carton of cokes would you drink more then 6? Even 6 is a lot of Coke to drink in a short time...

Glittermom, I have to take caffeine in consideration when I am drinking caffeine-laden cokes. I will drink 2 or 3 over several hours. It will make me sick if I drink too much.


Let it Rain! Let it Rain!

"Can I come and get my cokes?" I asked big Papa a moment ago.

He was at the grocery store and told me would call me when he got home. It is the dawning of pork chops and rice which we will be having for supper tonight.

Last night, I walked right out the door and forgot them. That means I get 12 today! Woo Hoo! Good things come to those that wait.

"Come back and get them," my father said on the phone very insistently once I had arrived home.

Lazily, I told him I would get them tomorrow. I didn't want to drove all the way back to my father's house just for 6 diet Cokes. I sure missed them later last night, though. He was right. They are a treat to be relished while I am goofing off on my computers and listening to music.

Weather Geeks Unite!

Storms are already starting to bubble up around us in the summer heat. I get so excited about the weather and days like this. I expect to hear thunder pretty soon around these parts.

"Step outside and you can check on the weather," Charlie will chuckle and tell my father and me.

We could have hurricane Cassandra blowing through and Charlie would still be taking Horsefly to the bowling alley.


It felt very empowering to take my medications on my own volition. The only bad thing last night was I took them on a very full stomach and that negates the big kick I get from them about an hour after taking them.

Kitchen Computer is Ready for Service...

I installed Windows 10 on my kitchen computer as it shall be known. Things are working fine and it is a great browsing the web type of computer. I've got it connected wirelessly to the Internet and the connection is super fast. It's got a lowly Core i5 3.6 GHz processor, but it seems pretty fast to me.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Cooler Heads Thankfully Prevail...

"Come over and we'll take your medications and I have us a little supper together," my father told me over the phone.

"I need to take my medications at nine," I rebuked my father steadfastly about the medications.

"I will put them in a Ziploc bag and you can carry them home with you. I trust you to take them."

"Thank you."

"How much wine would it take for you to get a DUI?" my father asked me curiously as I sat in the kitchen watching him getting supper ready.

"I think the limit is 0.18 which is about two glasses of wine or two beers," I told him. "Look it up on the web."

"I didn't realize it was so low," he said.

Dad had cooked some hamburger steaks, mushroom gravy, steak fries, and some french style green beans. It was very delicious and I had seconds as well. The green beans were extraordinary. I told my father we need to have those beans much more often. He said his cousin Jean got him on to those.

Papa Put the Cheese in Cheesy...

I've just returned from my father's house. He made pimento cheese with a new recipe that called for cream cheese. It doesn't get hard in the fridge with the cream cheese added and mixed with the cheddar or so my father said.

"Do you want yours toasted?" Dad asked as I sat at the kitchen table.

"Yes, please!" I exclaimed happily.

The din of the television was ever omnipresent and you could hear it droning on in the den.

I told him of my computer revelations this morning -- of realizing I can make just one more computer out of the parts I had at the house.

Into my father's little toaster oven went two sandwiches with a twist of the timer. The dill pickle spear was the icing on the cake for me. Charlie's wife pickled them a few weeks ago. We also had some frou-frou potato chips that were very salty and chapped my already dry lips.

"I'll see you at nine for your medications," my father told me as I was heading home to do some more computering.

I noticed dad was drinking wine from a little sippy cup. He feels he will drink less out of a little cup like that.

"Don't drink and drive," I told my father rather assertively pointing to his little cup. "I will come and pick them up if you've had too much to drive."

He said he would call me and let me know.

My Kitchen Table at the Moment...


I've actually got the motherboard and processor in the forefront working fine although the processor is running a little hot (a better heat sink and fan is in order although I did just get it down from 70° degrees celsius to 40 ° degrees). All I have to do is install Windows and then stuff this puppy into a spare computer case. 

I need a DVD-RW drive to install Windows 10 which I will borrow from one of my other computers and then I will put it back. They are only $19.99 so I need to just order one from the Egg. I will also use a spare 250 GB solid state drive I have on hand as my boot drive. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Good Moods Abound All Around...

"Who's out there in the dark?" I asked very loudly as Maggie barked up a storm and whined and whimpered impatiently at the front door.

Maggie was outside on the back deck and alerted me to my father's arrival. I was sitting in my recliner with my laptop looking up weather radars as she ran through the house barking. I smiled very broadly. I love Maggie's exuberance regarding my father's visits. It is truly unconditional love.

"It's your Papa and we've got the Mags and you some supper," my father said as he walked across my yard.

Dad's pet name for Maggie is Mags and let's not forget she is the Duchess as well -- Princess of Mauritania and Maratouse.

"It's just Chik Delight," my father told me stepping through the door of my house. "But I thought you and the Mags would like some fried chicken fingers."

"Did you get some extra rooster sauce?" I asked hopefully.

"Just like you like it," my father said grinning. "Now, they are making you pay .25 ¢ cents for an extra cup of rooster sauce."

"I've had a really good day," I told my father before asking about his.

"Pretty good," dad said. "It gets harder to stand up 10 hours filling prescriptions as I get older."

A Nod to You and Me...

Sitting at my computer this morning, I got an acute case of the nods. I couldn't stay awake any longer.

"I'll just lay down for about an hour," I told myself with good intentions.

Mind you, I slept very well last night. My injection makes me so very drowsy and I had already experienced my fleeting moment of injection induced euphoria so I was pretty happy.

I awoke at 5:00 PM to Maggie's furry butt in my face. We were doing some serious sleeping and Maggie very vocally let me know she didn't want us to get up. She was really talking to me.

There are two sides to every coin. I could lament the fact that I slept through my day, or I could rejoice in the fact that my father will be here in a just a few short hours after work.

Morning Dawned and My Bottom Was Bared...

I was laying in the bed this morning about 7 AM. I slept very well and was fixing to get dressed, shake the dew off my lily, and go into the kitchen to get Maggie and I some scrambled cheese eggs and buttery toast in the works. I am finding myself craving breakfast foods again.

"Oh shit! This morning is my injection at 9 AM!" I thought to myself in a panic as I raised up out of the bed.

It hit me like a ton of bricks or the broadside of a speeding train. I like surprises sometimes, but just not that kind of a surprise because it gets me in a stir. I had to get up and get going fast! FAST!

I called my father who was getting ready for work and he nonchalantly said it wasn't today, but he would check on it after he shaved. He called me back ten minutes later.

"Yep!" he said. "Your injection is this morning. You were right after all. Thank you so much, son."

Well, I do have a pretty good bit of my mother in me (he says boastfully). My father says I got the worst of them both. I just need to get a calendar like my mother's to be fully prepared.

"What are your girls up to?" I asked a cherished friend of mine, my nurse Rebecca.

I was now at Kamath Medical.

"My littlest one didn't want to go to cheerleader camp this year and it worried me," Rebecca told me. "I thought maybe she had a bad experience last year at cheerleading camp and didn't want to go back."

Today's injection only took 10 minutes and I arrived home at 9:30 AM after a 9 AM appointment