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Friday, May 25, 2018

A Windfall of Bad News…

“My TV is not working,” dad told me over his cellphone. “I am fixing to drive out to WOW! office and get another cable box. Will you hook it up for me?”

My father is addicted to his television and all of this sent him into a frenzied stir. He had been without TV since last night. It is kind of like a crack addict on the prowl for another fix.

“Let me get a hot shower and I will be over there at one,” I told him.

So, I scrubbed clean all my dangly bits and shampooed my hair. Soon, I was on the way to my father’s house armed with a spare HDMI cable thinking that was what was wrong.

“I hate to tell you this,” I told my father after he had been on the phone with WOW! for thirty minutes. “But it is your TV and not the cable box. The TV won’t even come on. You should still be able to watch Netflix or Blu-ray discs even if the cable box is broken.”

Dad frowned, looked exasperated, and said he would call and get Charlie to get him a new TV tonight on his way home from work.

“Will you come and hook it up?”

“Just call me when the TV gets there,” I told my father. “Let’s try to make it before eleven, though.”

Horror of Horrors…

As I was leaving my father’s house, I saw something white stuck under Charlie’s garage door on the house he owns next to my father. I walked up the bank to the driveway and it was Felix, Charlie’s and Janice's cat. The garage door had been shut upon him and killed him. I called my father not knowing what to do and he said he would call Charlie and take care of it. It made us all sick at our stomachs. Felix was such a good and personable cat. I know Charlie and Janice will both cry over this unfortunate bit of news. Don’t think a tear didn’t erupt at the corner of my eye as well. I hate I had to be the harbinger of such bad news today.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Comment Reply…

Blogger Sharyn Bellah said...

Do you still take Maggie on her walks? Remember how she looked forward to them? I miss routines and am having a really hard time right now finding things to fill my days. When you aren't blogging, waiting for dad, or sleeping; what the heck do you do?

Andrew Replies…

I have the same feeling too sometimes so you are not alone. Sometimes, I think there is no purpose to life. I would probably feel differently if I had a wife and kids to support, feed, and send to school. I’d have to leave them some sort of legacy.

Maggie and I will walk around the block once or twice a week depending on my mood. Maggie still goes bananas every time I get the leash and harness out of the closet.

I have a pretty regimented life. My big morning task is to cook Maggie and I a big, hot, stomach filling breakfast. Then I usually get a long shower. Then comes online life, computer gaming, and music time. I listen to hours of music everyday while I am on the computer. I will admit that sitting in front of the computer so much gets tiresome and old, though.

Lately, on dad’s days off, I go over about 1 PM and watch that blowhard Dr. Phil with him. He will fix us a sandwich or something similar to eat. I drive home and take a one to two hour nap in the afternoon then I get up and have more music, gaming, and computer time.

By night fall, I am worn out most nights with the effects of my heavy hitting medications from lunch starting to wane and wear off. I will feel just about exhausted. I goof off some on the computer and then see what show is on PBS that night. I play with my new tablet computer while I watch a show on Public Broadcasting. I am a sucker for a good British drama on PBS. Then I usually hit the bed around eleven.

Turkey Buzzards in My Front Yard…

All of this over a single roadkill squirrel…

Turkey Buzzard

Turkey Buzzard Two

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Happy Neighbors Again…

George was sitting out on his carport with nothing but a pair of shorts on. He was making use of this pleasant and mild day. It really has been a beautiful day. I had just gotten back from my father’s house to pick up some homemade egg salad.

“I can’t hear your music anymore,” George said with a grin. “Thank you. I am actually pretty hard of hearing.”

Gosh,” I thought to myself. “I must’ve been really loud.”

“Do you stay up nights?” George then asked me.

“Actually, I am sleeping from eleven to around eight or nine in the morning at the moment,” I told George.

George said he goes to bed at nine and gets up at six in the morning.

I just left it at that and didn’t ask why he wanted to know. It maybe because I keep a lamp burning in every room at night due to rat trauma.

I saw Charles, the pest control guy, at dad’s when I was over there. He was spraying the house precautionarily for bugs. I asked him to come and put out some more bait bags. He said he would gladly swing by my house the first of next week.

Quiet Time and Hiding Out…

It’s traditional on my father’s day off that I call him around noon. We spend about 30 minutes laughing and talking about yesterday and today. I tried to call and he has his phone off. I got kicked straight into voicemail. I get the hint. He has to be tired after all the work he’s done lately. He basically worked 4 full 10 hour days in a row last week. I have to remind myself he’s no spring chicken anymore and must be exhausted. I will just wait until he calls me. It will itch at him to know if I have taken my noon medications.

In the meantime, I am about to take a shower and head down to the tracks for a few hours. Let’s see if a few trains will pass. It is the first day in days it is not raining buckets. We’re waterlogged here in the Chattahoochee Valley. I need to run by the river house and see how high the water is.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Itchy Scalp! Scratch! Scratch! Scratch!

“I’m probably going to spend over $100 dollars tonight,” I warned my father as we walked into Kroger tonight. “I need a mop, lots of cleaning supplies, paper plates and bowls, dandruff shampoo, and deodorant.”

“Let me get a buggy and pay for those items and you just pay for your food,” dad replied.

I gave my father a heartfelt thank you. It was worrying me to no end. I didn’t quite know how to tell him until it all blurted out.

“You’re heading in the wrong direction,” my father said at one point. “Where are you going?”

“I got turkey pepperoni by accident and that is just a travesty.”

“Don’t forget your journal writing sodas,” my father said as we both stood in line to checkout.

I grabbed two Baja Blast sodas tonight (my favorite soda). We were quickly rung up and headed out the door. I had to play bagboy tonight and handled that task with aplomb.

I still managed to spend $82 dollars on food, but dad was kind and didn’t say anything about it. $75 is supposed to be my new limit. Inflation, you know?

Comment Reply…

Blogger Jane said...

Isn't your dad gay?
I could have sworn you said he's
gay. No?

Andrew Replies…

Nothing is for certain, Jane. Bisexual could be an option. My ex-wife swore he was gay. My mother said for years that he and Charlie were gay lovers as they spent so much time together. She’d say it when she got really mad at my father. I always had my doubts as well. These later years, I have come to believe he is heterosexual just from the way he admires women when we are out and about. He has also expounded upon the sexual relationship he had with my mother in moments of candidness.

Big Dog is in the House…

Dad called me when the pharmacy closed and said he was going to have to take a raincheck on getting groceries last night. I got to hoping he was going to let me go solo, but alas, no go for last night. “You’re not ready for that yet”. He had a dinner date with an old classmate of his named Liz. I know Liz well and she is a very sweet lady. She is also eligible being a widow. I told my father months back that they would make a good couple. Maybe that’s why he has been going to Auburn so much lately as that is where she lives. 

Charlie stopped by last night for a short time just to see what I was doing. He brought me two regular leaded Coca-Colas and spent some time with the Magster.

“Yes, you are my pretty girl,” Charlie said over and over in baby talk to Maggie.

Maggie got to “talking” back. I love it when she does that.

It wasn’t mission critical last night. I had plenty of food except for breakfast foods. The only thing that miffed me was that I was all showered up and dressed nice last night. My father would have extremely approved. He’s always critiquing what I wear. I was all dressed up with nowhere to go is what I told Charlie. Charlie offered to take me grocery shopping last night, but I couldn’t let him go to all that trouble. That’s just the kind of guy he is. I was just glad and pleased as a peach to get the Cokes.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Yes, I am Behind the Times…

I thought Adele’s voice would get on my nerves (I felt the same way about Norah Jones). My sister urged me last night to give her a try. I love that song He Won’t Go off her album 21. I am warming up to her. I also told my sister to check out an Icelandic band called Sigur Ros.

“Search for them in YouTube,” I said.

My sister and I have almost identical tastes in music. I got her tuned into Kenny Rankin and now she owns every album he has ever produced.

Grumpy Old Meanie…

I got caught by George heading to my car this morning.

“You must have a stereo by your porch door,” he gruffly said to me with inquisition.

“I have a computer right by that door,” I replied.

“I just hear your music from time to time,” George said.

“Why? Is it obnoxious?” I asked, wondering where this was going.

“Sometimes the bass can be kind of loud when I am out smoking a cigarette,” George told me.

My natural reaction was to get a little defensive and on guard.

“I’ll try to keep the bass down,” I replied.

I will endeavor to keep the volume down. I will admit that I can get kind of loud at times.

I then headed to Old Fuss and Feather’s house to pick up some cough syrup and cough drops. Dad is worried about my hacking cough I’ve developed the past few days. I tried to explain to him it was my smoking. I will have been smoking 30 years this year. I started when I was 16 years old.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Dynamic Duo Ride Again…

I’ve gotten to where I call them The Lone Ranger and Tonto.

“Your daddy has had some wine!” Charlie barked at me walking in the door this evening.

“So that explains why you are driving his car,” I replied gratefully.

My father was acting all silly bantering and joking. He was feeling his oats. At least, he is a happy drunk and not a tear in your beer type of drunk.

“They only had one chicken pot pie so I got Maggie the chicken strips,” Charlie told me.

Charlie left us to go refill Maggie’s water bowl and to check for trash.

“I love you, son!” Old Fuss and Feathers then told me. “I love ya and I love ya some more.”

He embraced me in an awkward hug as I was sitting next to him. .

As soon as he finished with that outburst, he wanted me to tune the television to The Weather Channel. There may be some storms and rain headed our way south from Atlanta.

“They will fizzle out,” I said. “I would almost bet on it.”

“I got my fertilizer out and it rained!” a proud Papa said and then broke out in goofy laughter.

“We need to be smoking whatever he’s smoking,” Charlie said with a smile as he reentered the den. “Come on Johnny Otis. Let’s get you home and get some chicken in you.”


Hamburguesas y Medicamentos…

“If you bring your medications for me to check, then I will give you some grilled hamburgers from last night,” my father said.

He wanted to check and see if I am on schedule and no blister packs have been punched when they weren’t supposed to be.

“Let me take a shower first,” I told him.

About an hour later, I was heading to my father’s house bribed by the prospect of homemade grilled hamburgers.  He surveyed my medications and couldn’t find anything wrong. He always assumes the worst regarding them and I. He’s afraid I will open up additional blister packs and get “high” off the Klonopin.  Let me tell you, Klonopin is the crapiest high I have experienced over the years. All you do is want to go to sleep.

“Oh, you look so good!” my father then said finally noticing my carefully combed hair and my upscale attire. “You need to quit wearing all those sloppy looking t-shirts with your shorts!”

Dad bagged up three meat patties and three hamburger buns and sent me on my way.

The Hair-Do…

Charlie and Maggie[3]“I’m running late this morning cause I had to do my hair,” Charlie told me as Maggie and I stood at the front door this Sunday morning.

Maggie was joyously barking her fool head off and I was having trouble hearing what Charlie was saying.

“It looks really, really good,” I replied honestly over Maggie’s din.

“I got you a monstrous diet Coke as requested,” Charlie told me.

“Thank you dear sir,” I replied to Charlie, anxious to take a drink.

Just then, a very big gust of wind sent Charlie’s hair wildly flying. I couldn’t help it and got to laughing. I am not going to write what spewed forth from Charlie’s mouth. God be damned this Sunday morning. Even copious amounts of hairspray couldn’t stop this onslaught. Charlie walked back to his car dejected and trying to get his hair back in place. I heard him cuss one more time as he got in his car.  “Fiddlesticks!”

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Comment Reply…

Blogger Kran's Crackers said...

A little at a time is the best way to do things. When my husband died I made up my mind to do at least two things a day, and one of them is to get up, washed and dressed. Then anything else I do is progress. I find one thing leads to another and if I don't finish everything I want to do that what? It will still be there tomorrow. You'll be surprised just how much can be done a little at a time, and you don't beat yourself up over what doesn't get done.
- Sharon -

Andrew Replies…

Sharon, thank you for this comment yesterday. It really bolsters what I am trying to do. I, too, have to make myself get cleaned up in the morning with a shower and shave. Also clean clothes even though I probably won’t get any visitors. I try not to stay in my pajamas all day. The rest is the icing on the cake. Thank you once again. You’ve been a good friend.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Surprise! It’s Charlie!

Laundry RoomMy father had to work all day and had told me he was stopping by tonight to see me and the Mags. Maggie and I were in our respective places waiting for him to arrive when this strange car pulled up. I didn’t recognize it at first until I realized it was Janice’s Altima. Maggie and I rushed to the door when I exclaimed, “Charlie’s Here!”

“Just what in the hell are you two doing?” Charlie asked facetiously.

“We are watching out for riff raff like you in our yard,” I replied.

Charlie was laughing jovially as I let him through the door. He was carrying two leaded regular Cokes and a cup of ice for me. Charlie does spoil me at times.

“Your daddy said you’ve been cleaning so I wanted to see what you have done,” Charlie told me. ”He had to go do something with the grandkids after work.”

“Well, today I washed all my clothes and hung them up in the laundry room,” I showed Charlie. “I also washed and dried Maggie’s food and water towel. It was looking worse for wear.”

“That’s a shitload of laundry you got hung up!” Charlie exclaimed. “You did that all today?”

“All today,” I replied proudly.

“Well, I’ve got to take The Fly bowling,” Charlie said. “I bet he is getting anxious sitting in the car. Love you, Jon-Tom.”

I told Charlie I loved him back and Charlie headed to Valley Bowl.

I didn’t expound upon that I showed him my sink and stove top as well.

“I cleaned the sink to the best of my ability,” I told Charlie and he got a big kick out of that line
“best of my ability”.

I also cleaned the toilet today as well and some of the mess the rats have made under my kitchen sink. I cleaned in little spurts taking time for the computer and then getting up to clean for a little while.

Progress Not Perfection…


I’ve always been an all or nothing kind of guy. It’s my Achilles heel. If I can’t do it to perfection, then I won’t do it at all. I drank beer the same way. Earlier in the week, I started a new game plan called progress not perfection. This has gotten Old Fuss and Feathers very excited. I am doing one or two things a day to clean my house and get my clothes in order. Yesterday, I polished my glass top stove and scrubbed my kitchen sinks. Today, I plan on doing a load of laundry and hanging up all my clothes when they are finished drying and not letting them linger in the dryer. Tomorrow, I am mopping the tile bathroom and hall floors. We will tackle the kitchen floor at a later date. See? Progress not perfection…

The Itchy and Scratchy Show…

Itchy_&_Scratchy_logoMaggie sure has been itchy and scratchy lately. I gave the pups her flea medications on the 15th. I just got down on the floor with her and carefully looked and combed for fleas, but couldn’t find not one. It is almost like a rash as her back, the source of contention, feels very warm and feverish. She will come in the computer room every thirty minutes to an hour for a back scratch. You should see her. She is in sheer ecstasy and she can kick that back leg with the best of them. It is kind of like playing the air guitar.