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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Yeah, That's Pretty Cool...Cool Beans...
I guess I am still a big kid at heart. You know what's neat about eating with Tony the Tiger (frosted flakes) again instead of the Kroger brand? The toys and stickers that come with them to entice the kids to get their parents to buy the cereal.

Do any of you remember Cracker Jacks? You could always get some neat and intriguing temporary tattoos in boxes of those.

This week, I got a lot of stickers for a new Disney movie coming out this month. Moana? These will all be disseminated to all the grandkids this Christmas if  Kroger quits selling their version of frosted flakes.

Heal this Parched Earth So Things May Grow Again...

"I'm fixing to head over to your house in a moment and get my allotment of Sodas for today," I told my father calling from my humble little abode (with room for a pony).

I will admit that sodas for me are definitely something that need to be moderated. I don't fuss about this necessary evil. I am very compulsive when it comes to the coy and bubbly stuff that comes in a can.

Darkness Descends...

It usually takes a miracle from Jeebus to get my parents to come to the door so I knew to call first. My brother affectionately calls my parent's house Fort Knox. Dad was all embroiled in the SEC championship game which was getting all the attention for the moment. I actually knew the score. Aren't all of you proud of me? I was patronizing my father for the most part.

"I put you out a hotplate of food I cooked this afternoon," my father said hurrying me along so he could get back to the game.

I would be the one dumbass in the Valley who is navigating his way to his parent's house in such deplorable weather.  It was pouring rain and growing darker as the seconds ticked by.  I grabbed my drinks and meal from on the back porch almost falling on my ample ass as well.

"I'm bringing you your medications as soon as this game is over," my father told me sticking his head out the backdoor.

I will be on drink and drive alert tonight -- ready to drive my father home. Maybe he will bring the X5 since it is raining so and the BMW is dry in the garage in juxtaposition. My sister said Pops got really drunk during last week's game and just slept in my sister's spare bedroom. Good for Mary! She made him relinquish his keys.

We Welcome Asparagus...

Dad cooked his especially good asparagus today. He makes it with a lemon and mayonnaise emulsion sauce spooned over the asparagus and it is so delicious. He also cooked his crock pot porch chops and rice again which I do so very much covet. I could eat it every day if he would keep cooking it. The porch chops just fall off the bone.

Maggie's Got Her Big Girl Panties On...

Locked and Loaded!

The picture above is Hardee's or Carl's Jr. "loaded" breakfast biscuit. If you are looking for an early coronary or quadruple bypass surgery then this biscuit is key to the process. I think it has like a day's worth of calories per biscuit. I personally enjoy a couple of Hardee's steak biscuits/with mustard when I am in Auburn to see my psychiatrist or visiting with my therapist. It makes the arduous trip seem worthwhile.  There was a Hardee's in Valley for most of my life, but they inexplicably closed. Popeyes didn't last long as well which perplexed me. 

"Piss poor management," my father said quite derogatorily of Popeyes. "Half the time they didn't even have enough chicken cooked."

We are getting a Dairy Queen right now for the first time and it is under construction. I hope it fares better as I think they have an awesome footlong hot dog with chili sauce.

Ah, Bless! She's a Big Girl Now...

I will have to give credit where credit is due.  Maggie's been an exceptionally good girl and patient taking all the medications she takes every morning. She no longer runs to the dog door when she sees me coming with some pills or more ointment.  We take our breakfast medications which also consisted of me putting an antibiotic in her mouth and holding her chin until she swallows it. It is no longer a "violent", scary affair. Maggie will just calmly stand there until I am finished. I think Maggie feels better and that I am only doing this because I love her.

Four is Not a Crowd...

Come on four! Please join us!

Charlie told me last night over the phone that he is bringing Maggie an extra sausage biscuit when he comes Sunday. Luckily, She never seems to gain weight or Dr. Thomas would say something about it on yesterday's follow-up and the bath for the Magster.

Friday, December 2, 2016

We Shall Heal All of Them, Big and Small...

Well, Samantha got her sutures taken out at lunch with lightning speed. My father headed out to the small animal clinic at noon with me in tow taking Maggie as well.

"You mean she's all ready to go?" my father asked the Vet. Tech. looking astonished and perplexed.

He thought it would take much longer than that. Dr. Thomas then wanted to check Maggie's eyes, ears, and her skin rashes.

"She's looking much better!" he told me after a week out of the penitentiary living with me as a fully medicated canine. "She's got some very dry skin and dandruff that persists, We will bathe her if that is okay with you?"

"Fine," I carefully replied said knowing this might piss my father off. "We will pick her up around 3 PM."

I know my father was having to bite his tongue during all of this.

"Jerry will do anything to get a dollar out of me," my father venomously spat at me with a smirk.

The Day of the Doctor is Upon Us...

I am keeping weird hours once again. Birds gotta fly and fish gotta swim and all that jazz. I awoke at six AM and have been up ever since. I thought about driving to Wal-Mart to window shop, but decided against it. I will just stick to using the computer this morning. Even though I am socially phobic, I have been craving company and camaraderie a lot lately. My therapist would tell me to promptly act upon these longings.

"They are going to think you're shoplifting," my father told me sternly a few weeks ago about my Walmart adventures.

He is usually right and I don't want to get embroiled in all of that rigamarole at 6 AM in the morning.

Our Most Comforting Companions...

I always say that Maggie is the best thing my father has ever done for me. He smiles when I say it as well. What would I do without my faithful companion? That makes me doubly sensitive to what she needs.

Well, Friday is here and my father and I take Sam and Maggie back out to the small animal clinic for a follow-up visit. Samantha will also get her sutures removed. You do not say "Vet" where Maggie can hear you during these occasions. She's quick to pick up on certain words these days.

Dad said something funny last night about one of our cats in the past we owned. Poor Doris just disappeared and we never saw her again.

"Doris was more of an 'it' than a she or he," he told me. "We got her spayed way to early."

I was hoping my father would let Sam have at least one litter of kittens which prompted that reply.

"We'd never find homes for all those kittens," my father then told me with a scoff and then a laugh. "And Maggie would eat a cat alive."

Blog Comment Reply...

Summer said...

Is it possible that you or your father could give yourself the injection?

Andrew Replies...

Summer? I think it has to do with my health insurance and liability reasons along with my disability money. I sure wish dad would dad would do it. Each injection costs around $250 dollars, though.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Dastardly Deed is Done! For Sanity, We Arrive!
I was running really late this morning. I fell back asleep watching the Weather Channel reclined in my recliner.  I closed my eyes in the dark and opened then to a glorious bright sunshine awash throughout my den with a piercing bright light. A few hours had passed so quickly and I needed to hit the road. My father called me at 9 AM asking if everything is okay.

"I am headed out the door right now," I told him in a frenetic bout of nervousness and much verbiage -- yes, a bundle of nerves. "I will be there in a few moments."

Isn't it strange about most of my injections? I don't feel them since I am so used to getting them. This morning, Rebecca administered my injection, and it burned like a red hot poker in hades. I just gripped the counter much harder and weakly smiled as sweat dripped off my forehead.

Highway 29 heading home was like a NASCAR race with drivers jockeying for position as well. Almost as if were there to create more tension in the air. There is always someone else going faster than you and you are in the way!

That Rabble Rousing Trouble Maker Cold Moved in After Midnight...

Key disease incarnate?
I just couldn't find my car key this morning. I looked everywhere and finally found it in the pocket of the jacket I wore yesterday. I should have looked there first saving myself thirty minutes of frantic aggravation. I normally hang it up as soon as I walk in the door. I have a key caddy attached to the wall right inside the house for this reason. I am just a little scatterbrained this morning and probably ready for my injection, I do think. It is the key disease and it now encompasses reading glasses as well.

Dad and I were talking about this affliction a few weeks ago.

"I am still looking for my expensive reading glasses and I can't find them as well," my father told me aggravatingly a few weeks ago.

Winter, That Rabble Rouser...

When they said it would be cold by morning time, they meant it. Charlie tells my father and I to just look outside to find out the weather with some choice profanity mixed in for emphasis. Dad and I both laughed tongue and cheek to humor Charlie. Charlie is right when he says they are weather guessers and not forecasters. I always laugh when he says that.

"Momma used to say that there is no excuse for sitting about in a chilly house," Dad told me as he stepped in my hall and turned up the heating lastnight.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Portion of Southern Country Cookin...
Dad brought chicken and dumplings tonight and it was delicious. As usual, he is cooking for him and my mother on his day off.

"I put the cut dumplings in the freezer to get them cold before adding them," my father said. "That way they wouldn't fall apart when I was first cooking them."

"They taste like Memaw's biscuits recipe!" I exclaimed.

"That is my secret," my father said with a sly grin.

They certainly were good to me. Warm bellies and cold winter nights make for a good combination. Alls well that ends well as the old saying goes.

A Heart Warming Good Disposition...

I wish you all could see my Ms. Maggins tonight. She is really feeling her oats to the utmost. Seeing my father tonight really perked her up and I do think she is feeling much better as well. I think she now realizes those pills are a good thing. She didn't freak out when I gave them to her this morning. She just sat there and I am sure she was thinking, "Oh the indignity".

The Dreads of Society...

I really wish I wouldn't dread things like my Mother. I am fretting about getting my injection tomorrow morning. At least, I get my two regular Cokes as an added benefit on these occasions. Pray for a quick ingress and egress in the morning. I;ve already got the clothes to wear on the bed laid out for tomorrow. It is also a lot of work for an injection that takes 5 minutes.

Heal These Broken Wings So That I May Fly Again...

I just called my father without realizing how early it was. It was 8:30 AM in the morning.

"Don't forget my injection is in the morning tomorrow," I told him anxiously.

"I was thinking the same thing," my father replied. "Good for you to remember that! I will be at the pharmacy at 9 AM."

"How are you feeling?" my father asked.

When he asks those kinds of questions and quite often, I then often respond that I am fine. I told him today that I was feeling lots of anxiety and feeling very sorry for myself for the time being.".

"That's not like you. It's just your medications petering out," he told me. "You will feel far better tomorrow afternoon."

I told him that I hoped so.

Christmas Tree Etiquette...

What time do you normally put up your Christmas tree? I told my father I was getting mine right after Thanksgiving.

"It is going to dry out and become a fire hazard he told me in warning.

Ponder's Nursery will likely find me in their parking lot picking out a Christmas tree this weekend.

"I usually put my tree up two weeks before Christmas," my father replied.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We Welcome All, Felines and Canines...

I've tried everything. I hoped this new dog food would be Maggie's saving grace and salvation, but her episodes of illnesses persisted.  Dad had to get their new kitten, Samantha, spayed so Maggie and I tagged along to the small animal clinic last week. Maggie shook like a leaf on the short ride out to the clinic. I had a towel in case she released her bladder out of fear as she often does. It is so traumatic for her to visit the Veterinarian.

Maggie has a terrible yeast infection of the skin causing her skin to break out in rashes. That is why she scratched all the time and just looked pitifully miserable.. I have to give her 400 mg of amoxicillin every morning for a month, wash her ears out good, and then put some ointment in her ears and on her broken out chest. The ear wash smells like eucalyptus.

The way the pills are shaped do not work with the Greenies pill pockets. I have to manually thrust the pill down her gullet. I fear she is going to fear me as well when all is said and done..

A Winter's Morning Blessing...

Ah, Bless!
Fear of Rain Phobia – Ombrophobia. Ombrophobia or Pluviophobia is the fear of rain- a fairly common anxiety disorder seen in kids and adults alike. The term Ombrophobia originates from Greek 'Ombros' meaning “storm of rain” and phobos meaning “fear or aversion”.
It is just pouring cats and dogs here at the moment. We're under an extreme or exceptional drought warning at the moment so we needed the rain very badly. I would hate to see how low our pond's water level is and all the fish that reside there are probably floating by now. Boy, that was negative about the fish, wasn't it?

The Magster has to go potty, but even worse, she will get wet doing it. Garlic to a vampire is like raindrops to Maggie. The dog hates to get wet. At first, I thought something bad was wrong with her the way she was whimpering. In a moment, I will walk out into the backyard with my umbrella hoping to coax Maggie into using the bathroom. My walking out my back door may elicit a certain amount of gumption within her and I will egg on Maggie's bravado by taking the trip as well.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Living the Wino Life!
A boozy weekend is behind us and behind as is a losing football game as well. I still get aggravated about all I did to get sober under my father's urgent pleas and my father is drinking bags of cheap wine every night. It is coy and it is catching up to him. He's playing with fire and I am the red hat poker or John Barleycorn that is. I take it as a slap to my face. He was boozy tonight as well which put him in a weird spacecadet mood with a clumsy demeanor.

***End Of Rant***

"I am going to the convenience store across the river when we leave here to buy you some more smokes," my father interjected.

The "sin" taxes are much lenient and much cheaper in Georgia than they are in Alabama.

I thanked him as I should do. That is a lot of money spent on my nicotine habit. My father never, ever complains about that aspect of mine and his life.

I think I saw a few tumbleweeds blow through Kroger as the dust kicked up in eddies off a barren floor when we walked in. We were the only non-employees in the store tonight. I keep hoping Jermaine would stop and tell me about his next round in curing his toe and toenail fungus. He'll gladly show you if you inquire. (Gross! lol)

In more upbeat moods, my father cooked his signature pork chops and rice tonight. That will be a very nice treat and a good snack tonight before bed. I am also cooking a roast with potatoes and carrots in my crock pot overnight. I bet that smell wafting in from the kitchen around 4 or 5 hours will awaken me. To hell regarding sleep! We want to eat!

Grocery Day! Hooray!

My father keeps saying he is going to hand over the reigns to me as far as our trips to the grocery store are concerned. It is another week and he has reneged upon the matter once again. He is going with me tonight anyways despite my urges to be on the straight and narrow. I just don't have the gumption within me to pressure or sway my father on these regards. I do think my father feels out of control if he doesn't help me with these visits to Kroger.

"I told you I would only spend around $75 dollars," I said exasperated and to sway him last night.

I know some of you ponder about this, but I actually like and enjoy having the old feller along (I like independence even more). The conversations back to our cars from shopping are legendary. I feel safe with him and I would really miss our camaraderie and friendship during these ventures leaving laughing all the way. I alway say my father is like the cavalry and will come riding in on horseback to save me from a tough social situation or a dilemma.

Don't Make Ki-Ki the Gorilla Mad...

I do hope they aren't out of bananas this week. I guess I could go to the Piggly Wiggly, but I just don't want to go to two different grocery stores. I will gladly pay the organic price to have them. I also want to make my spaghetti and meat sauce.

Foremost on my mind is whether I can have two of the Edwards Hershey's chocolate cream pies. The pie from last week was just a trial basis and I then fell in love with the flavor of that delicious pie.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Blog Post By Any Other Name...
The hours have passed us by until it is almost time for Charlie and one of his bountiful McDonald's breakfasts. My circadian rhythms are all out of sorts again these past few days. I looked at my alarm clock and it read 4 am. I was wide awake by then and I sat on the edge of the bed pulling on my favorite and ultra soft t-shirts. I couldn't do  this and work as well. I would lose my job for lack of sleep.

I daintily used the bathroom, and then I checked on Maggie. She slept on the couch last night and I missed her. She is still pouting with me about taking her to the Veterinarian earlier in the week and shoving those pills down her throat. I am public menace #one as far as Maggie goes as the moment. She was snoring softly with her new hairdo (she also got groomed the other day).  She looks almost like a completely different dog and doesn't look like Phil Spector any longer.

Yesterday, Charlie brought my medications to take since my father wanted more time with the grandkids. They all piled up in my father's car and went to see a local football team play. Dad asked me if it hurt my feelings not being able to go. I told him I had bigger fish to fry for the time being.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Last Man Standing?

That's how it can feel for me sometimes. I feel if I have chosen to live in a small vacuum while the rest of the world goes on and people go about their lives. I am looking down through a window of thick glass, but I can't reach out or touch. Mind the gap!  (not whining, though, as I have it better than most of this world for which I always evoke my ubiquitous Auschwitz Mantra).

Charlie brought me a wonderful care package of treats and proceeded to clean house for me. Scouts honor! I swear the kitchen was clean! But our Charlie found some stuff and hauled it up to my trashcan at the curb to throw away.

As far as our Thanksgiving meal went, we had turkey and dressing, a honey baked ham, the classic and quintessential green bean casserole, cheesy macaroni casserole (Yum!), deviled eggs, and angel biscuits. For dessert, Charlie brought me a slice each of buttermilk, chocolate and custard pies. He also brought me a big slice of buttery pound cake.

First and foremost on the list was to help Charlie administer and take my medications. Maggie was under foot as we performed this nightly ritual. Charlie had brought me 3 regular cokes and it just thrilled me to death. Those cokes didn't last long after Charlie left and I proceeded to guzzled them down.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Blog Comments...

glittermom said...

Are you doing anything for thanksgiving?
Andrew Replied...

Gittermom, dad is cooking for a mob of folks, but that is just not my style. The amount of people visiting my father on thanksgiving would make me a nervous wreck. Charlie is bringing me a plate of food after he cleans up my father's kitchen. I am really excited about the turkey sandwiches I will have for a few days after Thanksgiving. That's my favorite part of this time of the year.

What about you? Are you, Jen, and the family doing anything?

My 6 AM Wal-Mart Delight...
To Wal-Mart, Where the Insomniacs Go...

Firstly, those fajitas I ate for supper last night did a real number on me as far as my digestive tract, heartburn, and indigestion goes.

"That's why I can't eat all that Mexican food," my father told me last night when he arrived after work. "It will keep me up all night with indigestion."

I have never been so glad to see my father!

Secondly, I also needed some more medicine for my "man flu". I really don't know what I have, but I do know it is not very pleasant. I wouldn't want you to catch this even if it were running.

The only joint that opens this time of the morning with those kinds of items was Wal-Mart so I headed out of the house after getting a shower and getting dressed. I was wide awake anyway. I woke up wide awake if you can catch my drift. Just one of those moments my schizophrenic mind wasn't playing nice.

My only diversion was to get some buttery biscuits, strawberry preserves, and milky sweet coffee at McDonald's on the way home. I am hoping to get a few more hours of deep sleep once that medication kicks in.

Blow, You Winter Wind, For I Hear You!

It was cold for the South this morning with the temperature hovering around 35° degrees. We're getting a little taste of O' Canada this week. It is time for it though. I've been busy washing all my winter clothes and getting them fit to wear. It will be nice to wear some warm coats and sweaters once again. Ask me about my flannel lined blue jeans some other time.

(It is now 6:52 AM and you can see a beautiful dawn on the horizon-- all pink and full of glory.)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Someone Put Me Out to Pasture, Please?

I am dogged tired and that's no pun. Maggie would argue with me about that. My sleep was invaded by frantic moments of much activity then I would rest again. Much activity going on about Maggie's Vet visit -- phones ringing and consultations. My father would prod me along from work and tell me how good I am handling all of this.

I woke up at noon to the very shrill ring of my phone in the computer room, yet there was no rushing to the phone as Maggie normally does as Maggie was in the "hospital". I really missed her this morning.

"Maggie's ready to come home," said the sweet sounding receptionist with a giggle.

"Give me an hour and I will be out there to pick her up," I replied. "I need to make myself look more presentable."

The young lady laughed as I hung up the phone, found some clean smelling clothes, and took a shower. I found myself satting on the edge of my bed trying to gather myself for all I had to do today. I had a hands in my face moment for a moment there.
I couldn't sleep last night without Maggie in the bed with me. I finally just got up and played some retro video games until daybreak. I was really being old school last night playing Super Metroid. I can't believe I had passed over this fantastic game. I will play Metroid Fusion next for the Gameboy Advance to keep with the canon of the series.

I finally fell asleep early this morning until my eyes couldn't stay open any longer. I collapsed on the bed with my clothes still on and went fast asleep.

The Unveiling...

I had Maggie groomed and she looked so beautiful with her new haircut when I picked her up. She's no longer the shaggy beast she was and had the proper attire of a duchess upon her. She was so glad to see me and broke out in jubilant joy! The  bad news? She has tons of pills to take and many creams and salves to administer. I am going to need help from my father with this.

Give A Grand Standing Ovation to Papa!

Now, we are waiting for my father to arrive which will be any moment now. I want to see how Maggie reacts.

Ah, Bless!

It will melt your heart the great greeting Maggie just gave my father. She even tried to jump in his lap when he sat down on the couch.