There is More to Crazy People than Just Being Crazy...

There is More to Crazy People than Just Being Crazy...

You have a right to live. You have a right to be. You have these rights regardless of money, health, social status, or class. You have these rights, man, woman, or child. These rights can never be taken away from you, they can only be infringed. When someone violates your rights, remember, it is not your fault.

drab and dreary

drab and dreary

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Message I Just Left On My Father's Phone...

"Dad? I don't know if you've left the pharmacy yet, but will you bring me something for heartburn? I am having a terrible time with heartburn tonight. It is driving me crazy!"
"Boy, was I mad as hell at you last night. I could've pickled your goat I was so mad. I love you too much to stay mad at you though. Love you and I will see you tonight." 

My phone rings with my father laughing loudly...

"You said you could've pickled my goat?" dad asked laughing hysterically. "I love you son. I had fallen sound asleep in my recliner with my pussy in my lap! Our lights were out! I will bring you some Tums and some Prilosec."

A "Shield" of Rain...

It has been raining all morning and they've got flash flood warnings out for our area. The poor Magster just had to potty something terrible and this rain is just not acceptable. She whined and whined as if I could change the weather and finally shot out into the backyard and came flying back in. I got a big chuckle out of that until she used the couch as a towel then there was a big frown on my frowny furrowed face. Maggie has put that couch through hell. It is but a shadow of its former self.

Stay Off the Sauce, Please?

I heard a big commotion last night on George's carport as I was putting my groceries away in the kitchen. It sounded like a fight was underway. I grabbed a flashlight off my computer desk and headed out my side door -- the one facing George's house. I thought there was criminal mischief underway. Maggie was loudly sounding the alarm as well. George had fallen and was bruised up just a bit.

"Are you sure you are okay?" I asked George as he stood up. "Do I need to call the paramedics?"

"The only thing really hurt is my pride," George told me which was a very honest answer. "I was just going to sit out here for awhile and listen to the katydids."

I helped him get inside his spartanly furnished home and he plopped down in his recliner. I told him to be sure to lock the door after I had left.

Ragu Old World Traditional...

The meat sauce is on the stove. I have a simple recipe these days. I brown the ground beef and then add a big cup of water and let it bubble away and get tender. Once the water has boiled down, I add two small cans of Hunt's tomato paste (oregano, garlic, and basil), one can of Hunt's tomato sauce, and one large jar of Ragu Old World Traditional style pasta sauce (not as sweet as the other brands). This will cook for about three or four hours until I boil the thin spaghetti noodles al dente. These will be mixed into the sauce.

There is nothing like curling up in your favorite chair after adding a little Parmesan cheese to this cherished treat of mine. It is even better with some crusty and toasted french style garlic butter bread.

I am Royally Peeved at You!

"You're mad at me for being so late tonight aren't you?" my father asked me as we traversed the aisles of Kroger last night.

"You know how I hate those self-check out lanes!" I spat at him angrily.

I was also giving him the silent treatment.

"How can I be mad at you?" I finally acquiesced after telling my father I was royally peeved at him. "You do so much for me."

Dad chuckled and laughed, seemingly taking pleasure from this discourse.

Comment Replies...

Blogger Summer said...
Is there a reason why your father won't shop at the Pig?

Andrew Replies...
Summer, he likes the Kroger card discounts (we saved $10 dollars last night), Kroger fuel points, and the Piggly Wiggly is also closed at 10 PM when Kroger stays open to 1 AM. Sometimes our shopping will pass 10 PM as he likes to go late so he won't get "caught".

Monday, July 24, 2017

Oh, Woe is Me...

the best meal out of the bunch by far
I was going to go grocery shopping tonight at the Piggly Wiggly until my father called me earlier in the day saying he was going shopping with me this evening. He plainly said he missed our little shopping soirees together and I told him I did too. Hell, to be honest, I need the help.

Each Monday night shopping trip is preceded with the medication ritual and Maggie's ritual. Once that was accomplished then we were on our way.

Don't Always Think the Worse, Andrew...

My father didn't show up until 10:30 PM tonight to go shopping. I panicked! We usually go at 9 PM. I thought he had been in an accident or even worse, gotten a DUI. His phone was dumping me into his voicemail as his phone does when it is turned off. I kept expecting Mein Charlie to call me with bad or horrible news.

I can be kind of persnickety about how my life is organized and ordered and I had the mother lode of anxiety attacks as we were shopping. The store started to spin as my heart raced in my chest. I leaned on my cart and trudged forward when I wanted to leave the cart, exit Kroger, and drive the hell home. I've done this before and my father found my cart, purchased my items and brought them to me.

"Lean on me," my father said. "We'll get through this together."

I did manage to get $74 dollars worth of groceries. I was pleased as punch that we are having my spaghetti and meat sauce for lunch and dinner tomorrow and we also, almost miraculously, got a lot of Papa pleasing Marie Callendar meals.

Shall We Dine Alone?

No, that's where Maggie comes in. Maggie will eat just about anything including still wiggling animals and ailing insect eating bats which was the meal du jour today as she recycled that little packet of protein and vitamins/minerals.

I feel a breakfast themed shopping trip is going to happen tonight. I just called my father and he said we will go at nine. I just drank my last glass of milk a moment ago. I did pretty well this week of conserving my groceries even though I had to resort to two toasted mayonnaise sandwiches for lunch. That's what Maggie is having right now for supper.

I also want my spaghetti and meat sauce for another week and dad is going to sho nuff bitch at me about that choice. "You are going to run out of food again like you did the week before last," I can hear him say. Why does he have to be so stringent and aggravating about this kind of stuff? Is it sadism?

I Abhor Knocks on the Door...

A few days ago, it was the Morman missionaries knocking loudly on my door. This sent me into a tizzy. Maggie found them as distasteful as did I and raised hell. I hunkered down behind my computer monitor until they headed back to the street to get on their bikes and peddled away.

This morning was another harbinger to loud knocks on the door. I looked out the window and sighed in relief when it was just Lopez and his yard crew.

"Pull your car out and I'll mow your backyard," he said in easy to decipher broken English.

In my haste, as I was backing out of the fence, I pulled a Martha (mom) and hit my right side mirror on the fence. I got out and looked at it to find it wasn't broken. I sighed again in relief.  This day was off to a very auspicious and convoluted start.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Comment Reply....

Blogger glittermom said...
I thought your father said he was giving your car to your mother's friend she went for Mexican food with every week. I guess he changed his mind. I hope she doesn't think she's getting the car now.

Andrew Replied...

She didn't know she was getting it. I guess I am being selfish for wanting to sell it, but that opportunity doesn't come often as far as my upgrading my computers is concerned. Dad will probably override me and give it to her anyway so it is probably a moot point.

Criminal Minds...

I clean up for Charlie so he won't have to do it for me, and my father and Charlie were on the way with medications and supper. I was hurriedly carrying my trash across the yard to put it in the bin by the road when George walked out to talk to me.

"Well, they got your car and then they got me last night. Sons a bitches!" George told me drunkenly. "They stole eighteen beers off my porch sometime last night. When I went to eat breakfast at six this morning they were gone."

George's face was beet red from his exertions.

I told George I would call the police and get them to step up patrols. That seemed to placate him somewhat. I got online to get the police department's phone number. The nice lady on the phone assured me there would be a patrol car passing about every hour tonight through the neighborhood.

"I can't believe you used the phone to actually call the police," my father told me over the phone. "That took a lot of chutzpah for you to do considering your phone phobias."

"Necessity can sometimes be a big motivator," I told my father. "I am like George. I am tired of all that shit."

We're Not Building Igloos Here...

I pulled on some shorts and hurriedly headed to the front door after very loud knocking. Moments earlier I was in dreamland -- dreaming of model trains and locomotives.

"Charlie's here! Charlie's here!" Maggie seemed to be saying as she briskly ran in circles around the den and barked jubilantly. She was like a little hyperactive child on Christmas morning.

I opened the door to a downtrodden Charlie standing on my doorstep.

"I screwed up!" Charlie told me. "I let them put ice in your Coke."

I laughed a big hearty laugh.

"Charlie! I am just glad to get whatever you bring!" I told my very wonderful and special friend. "Sometimes ice is a good thing. I will enjoy it none the less."

Charlie wanted to see my new cell phone and I showed it to him.

"They seem to get bigger and bigger," he said. "You are really rating for your father to buy you an iPhone."

"What do you want for supper tonight?" Charlie then asked me.

"Just get me the chicken strips $5 dollar fill-up," I told him. "I want that chocolate chip cookie they put in those meals."

Selling My Car...

Time is quickly approaching to when my father hands me the keys to my mother's car. He got it washed and detailed last week. Now, we just have to get the paperwork in order.

I want to sell my car to get up the cash to build a new powerhouse computer. Kelly Blue Book says the value of my car is around $2500. I want to at least get $3500 for the car. I am going to ask my father if we could park it nearby the pharmacy with that amount on the windshield.  Maybe we will get a bite. Who knows?

Comment Replies...

Blogger Jane said...
Maybe you need a dose of that medicine in the morning and evenings so that you don't have those few hours each day where you feel so bad?

Blogger glittermom said...
What would happen if you took your meds early every day? If your fathers working you could go to the pharmacy and pick them least you'd be on a regulated schedule...

Andrew Replies...

Yes! Yes! Yes! You all have excellent and right ideas. They are actually prescribed to be taken three times a day with different dosages and medications at breakfast, lunch, and supper. I would love just to be able to take them in the morning and enjoy the mental benefits all day long and not late in the evening before I go to bed. I fear by the time I've woken up, the benefits have waned overnight. I've been telling my father for years that taking my medications in the morning would be optimal for me. He usually just scoffs.

One of my biggest drawbacks to making this come to fruition is that I take Klonopin -- a highly addictive medication along with the lines of Xanax and Valium. If you take a handful of this medication then you will feel quite a mental buzz and then sleep all day. I take it because it subdues my anxiety and my anxiety attacks I get occasionally. My father is afraid I will abuse this medication without oversight from him.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Shots in the Dark...

Just Call Me Chuck...

I called my father this afternoon just as he was about to lie down for a nap. He is really resting this weekend as my mother would call taking long naps. He actually answered the phone with me calling which startled me.

"What are you doing, Chuck?" he asked.

"I just woke up and panicked thinking I had missed yesterday's eclipse," I told him.

"The eclipse is in August and we are going to do our darndest to go see it," my father then said. "We're taking a road trip. We are also going by Falling Creek."

"That movie Dunkirk got stellar reviews," I told my father. "Christopher Nolan directed it."

Are you familiar with the incident called Dunkirk? The Germans had forced the British Army all the way back to the English Channel with nowhere to turn. The whole British nation mobilized to get them home before they were killed or captured by the Germans. Even the smallest rowboat was used to bring the troops home across the English Channel.

"We'll watch it when it comes out on Netflix," my father told me.

Dad was sounding awful sleepy so I decided I better let him go. I asked him the question that makes him not want to answer the phone when I call. I am just a pest it seems.

"Can we take my medications in an hour or two after you've had your nap?" I asked.

"Sure, Chuck. I'll call you when I wake up," my father surprisingly replied. "You can get your Cokes as well."

Is it so awful to ask? Is it that terrible? I know I shouldn't take them so early, but it sure does make my afternoon more pleasant. All dad has to do is walk out to his car to get my medications and bring them inside. The hardest part is making up my plastic sack of six colas for the day.

Friday, July 21, 2017

This is Me to a T...


Papa's been by and administered my medications. Maggie has a full belly and is contently laying on the floor licking her front paws. I still have three more diet Cokes to drink. I am enjoying reading things on the internet and writing as well. The caveat? Big storms are on the way. This is an Andrew evening made in heaven.

There Has Got to Be Something in the Water Today....

"ANDREW!" Charlie said excitedly over my new cell phone I got this afternoon. "I bought another house today!"

It has only been a few months since he bought some apartments to renovate.

"I am coming to get you and we'll ride over to look at it!" Charlie then told me happily.

Dad was in the car with him (Kimosabe and Tonto) and told him to wait until I've taken my medications.

"It is getting close to time," I heard my father tell Charlie.

"We can give him his medications right now," Charlie snapped at my father. "I have a dosage in the car."

Dad bought me the cell phone today and a nice one it is. I enjoy looking at weather updates with it. It can even emulate some old games I enjoy playing.

"You always keep that phone on you. Especially when you are driving," my father said.

"Now don't put this on Facebook just yet," Charlie then warned me about his new house. "I don't want the whole Valley knowing all of my business!"

Close Encounters of the George Kind...

It was kind of early in the day for George to be so drunk. I was opening my fence to get the car out when he asked me from his carport what I was doing. He sounded like he had marbles in his mouth and it took several tries to enunciate his sentences.

"I am headed to the Piggly Wiggly to buy some milk," I told him. "Do you need anything?"

"Oh no!" George said slurring his words. "I am going to stay at home today."

That statement made me grin as I didn't ask him to go with me.

"Okay," I then said. "You have a good day George."

"What is it with all these temptations to drink lately?" I asked myself.

George stumbled on his feet a little bit and plopped back down on one of the wrought iron chairs I had given him.

It is refreshing to step into the Piggly Wiggly to do some shopping. The store is so cool, clean and brightly lit. That $24 dollars I had in my wallet is quickly disappearing. Especially after that trip to the Waffle House yesterday.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The End of a Journey is Not Always as Sweet as the Ride...

"You need to be careful with that cellphone," I told my father tonight. "I could hear everything clear as a bell to what Charlie was saying here sitting next to you. You don't want any hurt feelings."

"I forgot Charlie's prescription," dad said looking miffed with frustrated furrows in his brow.

Dad had just left the pharmacy, swung by his house for my sodas, and stopped by my house for the medication ritual when Charlie called.

"Come on," I told my father. "I will ride with you and give you somebody to talk to. Let's go get Charlie's medications."

"That would mean so much to me," my father said. "Are you sure you don't mind?"

"Let me change my shirt and we will go," I told him.

I had on a stark white cotton t-shirt and it always makes me feel like I am wearing my pajamas out in public when I am wearing them. They are my sleeping shirts.

Dad and I headed back to the pharmacy as the sun was setting in the West. I sat out in the car as dad turned off the alarm and went inside to fill the prescription. Soon, dad was in the car and we were headed back up busy Hwy 29.

Dad and I had a really good conversation on that trip. It took us about an hour to make it back to Charlie's house to deliver the medicine.

"You know Charlie would drive across the country for us if we needed him," dad said. "That's the least I could do for him in turn."

Lunch in All of its Glory...

A ham, cheese, and mushroom omelet with hash browns with extra onions.  Guess who was there? Yep, George. We spoke for a moment and then I let him get back to his pork chop lunch. I had to get out and buy Maggie more dog food so I decided to treat myself. Also, backing my car out of the fence was much less a hassle than I thought it would be. "This is going to work," I said to myself as I pulled out into the road and put the transmission in drive. 

It's Embarassing....

I don't know what possessed my father to paint the house this color. It looks like a diarrhea orange. Some people love it and thought it was avant garde and most hated it. This is the current color in juxtaposition to the old color in last night's post. This was taken spring a few years ago.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Crinkly Wrappers...

Well, Papa just left at 10 PM. I was off an estimated hour and the wine factor was in full effect. "One more glass of wine and I will go take care of Andrew's medications." I know the game very well. I used to play it all the time myself. "One more beer and I will head back to my dorm room."

"Why don't you let me drive you home?" I asked my father. "If you get pulled over, you are going to get a DUI. You will go to jail for the night, and Charlie will have to bail you out in the morning."

"I haven't had that much to drink!!!" he snapped at me like an insolent child.

"All that money you have in the bank and that $260,000 dollar house will be gone if you get caught in a reckless driving lawsuit."

That didn't faze him one bit. He got in his car and drove home. He gets that from his father who was quick to fight and even quicker to take a drink. It must be all the Irish blood in them. I've got my fair share of it in me as well.

And Now to a Much Lighter Subject...

Maggie just adores crinkly food wrappers. I dropped an empty fudge covered Twinkie wrapper on the floor and she has had the best time with it. She's gone now and found another I dropped by my Laz-E-Boy and is having a ball. I am listening to Mozart's Requiem with a background of crinkly Twinkie. She's on her back now on the floor with the wrapper between her paws like an otter. It makes me want to go over there and pat and tickle her belly.

The Game is Once Again Afoot...

Dr. Watson and I were just sitting in my computer room. I was just showing my dear Watson how far it is to Papa's house.

"I'd say that is a short 4 miles," Watson said.

"Yes, Dr. Watson, we will soon find out if Papa comes at 8 PM. 9 PM, or 10 PM, and yes, we are factoring in the wine factor which will cause my father to be much, much later," I replied.

"Should you call to find out his current level of inebriation?" Dr. Watson asked inquisitively.

"Oh no!" I said to Watson alarmingly. "That would provoke the beast within and cause much anger and insolence!"

"Taking into account all factors I say my father will be here around 9 PM Watson."

"Ah, the law of averages is being used," said Dr. Watson astutely.

"You are quite correct my dear Watson."