Tuesday, August 30, 2016

And the Tropics Ignite...

It has been a lot of years since I've seen the tropics and the Gulf of Mexico so filled to the brim with various tropical storm systems. It seems to have exploded overnight in intensity. There is even a very potent Hurricane headed for the big island of Hawaii. It's not very often that will happen. It is classic looking hurricane in every sense of the word.

My father arrived from work a moment ago for the medication ritual. He was loosening his necktie as he walked across my front yard holding my medications in his other hand. He wanted me to quickly tune my television to The Weather Channel. We gazed for awhile until we had to tear ourselves away from the television and complete Maggie's food and water ritual. She was hungry and getting pretty persistently insistent for a moment there.

"Maybe we will get some good rain out of all of these tropical systems," my father told me enthusiastically as he gave the Magster the attention she so craves. "We're parched in central Alabama."

"You picked an opportune time to go to Florida last week," I replied to Johnny Otis. "You almost got caught in a mess."

We Have a Winner On Our Hands...

Most Excellent...

I just ate a Grissom's pimento cheese sandwich for an early lunch and it tasted as good as homemade pimento cheese. We have a winner on our hands! What a pleasant surprise. It was so delicious. I bet it will be even more delicious toasted on my little grill with white sandwich bread or rye bread.

I am itching to find out what it cost which I can't remember and will ask my father to see the receipt sometime today. I wouldn't be surprised if it cost $5 or more dollars per container. It was stickily an impulse buy.

She's Getting Old, But She's Been a Good Ole Gal...

Have you ever heard of such a thing? I couldn't figure out why my battery in my car kept going dead yesterday. I drove down to AutoZone and had them test my alternator and they said it was working fine. Dusk fell, darkness encroached, and I found out why. My rear brake lights are stuck to on and will not go out even if I've turned the car off. I am keeping an eye and ear out for Bob at West Point Tire and Auto to come and look at it this afternoon and possibly tow it to his garage. I think it is the switch on the brake pedal that triggers my brake lights. Right now, I have the fuse for my brake lights pulled out so it will not drain my battery once again.

Monday, August 29, 2016

True To My Word...

I pretty much stuck to the game plan I had talked about in my earlier grocery musing blog post. I did spend $78 dollars, though. Dad was just glad I was finished eating all that milk and cereal during my week. They were traded in for frozen meals.

It is going to be a sandwich themed week. I even bought some liver cheese tonight which many people find disgusting, but I find it delicious.

I also ran the gamut on the sliced cheeses I bought. When I finish writing this, I am going to fix me a shaved deli turkey and smoked provolone sandwich -- hot and grilled right off my George Foreman grill. I want the cheese nice and gooey to tickle my taste buds. I've got the sandwiches if you will bring the potato chips. Maybe even some sour cream and onion dip? I will love you forever and ever, Amen.

RC Cola (Royal Crown Cola) is a Southern thing and was on-sale for $.99 for a 2 liter bottle and I grabbed four of the bottles of soda and put them in my grocery cart.

Surprisingly, my biggest expense was a large roll of summer sausage and several different cracker brands to accompany it with.

My big impulse buy this week was a medium sized container of Mrs. Grissom's select pimento cheese spread. It is a gamble and we will find out how it tastes tomorrow when I fix a sandwich for lunch.


Should We Put Tony the Tiger Out to the Pasture?

Grocery Day Thoughts...
Yes, I think I am finally tired of milk and cereal after months of those two being a mainstay in my diet. My father says I am lucky to not be 30 pounds overweight by now and I have gained a bit of weight in my midsection. Dad calls it my "dunlop". I have quickly tired of bananas as well. I can't think of anything to take its place, though.

I think I may try some of those new Stouffer's frozen meals that are designed as Marie Calender's main competition. I saw some commercials on television last night and they look promising and delicious. I want easy to cook and cleanup with little trash. I will pay a little more for a high quality and more nutritious meal which means I am staying away from Banquette brand meals.

Sandwiches will also be a focus in this weeks shopping. I shall get lots of cold cuts, fancy Cobblestone Mill bread, and assorted sliced cheeses. I've to put my George Foreman grill into action this week. It is lingering unused in the top shelf of my kitchen cabinets.

Another thing I added to my very short grocery list is two large bottles of V-8 juice and Louisiana style hot sauce. We can make some nonalcoholic Bloody Marys.

The Information We Glean...

Our Sunday night fried chicken adventures went without a hitch. My father didn't have enough time in the day to convey all of his Florida trip to me. He was talking a mile a minute. I felt a little overwhelmed when they first arrived being the hermit that I am. Things went very quickly from zero to sixty.

Charlie was furiously and fastidiously sweeping my hardwood floors last night after my father and he arrived.

Charlie was also talking last night about his tour of duty in the Air Force when he was much younger. He was stationed in Thailand for the duration of his service.

"I couldn't eat all that strange and weird food," Charlie told  me. "I lived on bananas for the duration of my service. I about starved to death."

It is hard to believe Charlie was ever in the armed services -- especially him taking orders from someone else.

"I needed the G.I. Bill to go to and pay for college," Charlie told me.

Charlie cleaned in 15 minutes what would have taken me an hour. He mainly got up all of Maggie's shed hair in each corner of my rooms. "Super dust bunnies," as Charlie called them.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Scouts are Out and About...

I just heard from a very credible source (Martha) that Johnny Otis and the Charles Meister have left my father's house to go get our Sunday night suppers! :-) I am getting my usual Kentucky Fried Chicken 3pc. meal, original, with 2 sides of potato wedges. "The usual," as I said to my father as if he were a bartender.

Making Connections...

I just had a long amicable conversation with my father as Charlie drove through the Valley. He was really glad to be home and can't wait to hear about some of my mother's antics while he was gone. . Time really does heal old wounds with regards to my father and I, but we can still have a few assholish maneuvers and moods from time to time. I really missed the old codger while he was gone. I do love the old man and he will always be my father. He was overjoyed at hearing my voice on the other end. I often have to evoke my Auschwitz Mantra when talking about the fellow.

Katy Perry - "Not Like the Movies" - Official Lyric Video

Waiting On Sunrise...

My body decided to wake up at a very dark 6am this morning. My eyes felt like they were burning from lack of sleep. I also woke up to this extreme feeling of vertigo in my pitch black bedroom. I fumbled around and finally found my bedside lamp and turned it on without knocking it off my bedside table.

Maggie actually woke me first by howling/baying in her sleep which is a haunting and wanton sound like those of mourning doves.

I am hoping I will get sleepy again after eating a modest breakfast. So far, we are munching on some unfrosted strawberry Pop-Tarts and drinking a big icy cold glass of milk. The cold milk is like heaven on earth quenching my thirst. Lately, Charlie's been showing up about 10am with our McDonald's biscuits so I hope I am not ruining my appetite.

The grand Poo-Bah is back in town (Papa). I haven't had a chance to see him yet, though. Even after a week long soiree in Florida on the beach, last night he had to go to a class reunion -- the class of 1964. I kept hoping he would stop by on his way home.

My idea of a vacation is some quiet time spent on my idle pursuits like farting around with my computers and completing some of my model railroading projects. Not a drive to Florida to spend a week socializing and then coming home to a fancy frou frou class reunion. I felt exhausted just hearing my mother talk about it last night on the phone. She couldn't have done it either. Each to his own I guess.

Speaking of my mother, she is just reeling from having her Xanax dosage halved.

"What if my panic attacks start up again?" was what she asked me on the phone.

There were a lot of things I could have done wrong this past week that I handled the right way like an adult. I hope my father recognizes this and I get some acknowledgment or maybe even some praise. It never hurts to give an "attaboy" to those that you love.

Well, sunlight is now on the horizon, so lets me get a shower, get dressed, and start my day.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Coveting Thy Cokes...

"Sorry I am in such of a rude hurry," Charlie said almost dropping my medications in the process. That would have been a disaster. "I am going to have to come someday to just visit and see you and Maggie for a change."

My father always says Charlie gets flustered and snatchy on occasions such as this. He never fails to always get too much on his plate.

"He has a biting tongue when he gets like that," my father will also tell me. "Tread around him carefully and don't take anything personally."

My father knows how sensitive I can be to such emotional and social encounters.

"Horsefly is in the car ready to go see a movie in Auburn. The one he wants to see starts at 5pm," Charlie further told me. "We also have to eat our nightly chicken strips dinner from the KFC across the road from the shopping mall."

The Present Has Just Become the Past...

Charlie had his hands full of wonderful surprises for me this afternoon as he walked across my lawn. I wish my father would be so altruistic.

"I got you an extra large Coke with no ice and a double quarter pounder with cheese and fries," Charlie told me. "Here is a cold diet Coke to take your medications with."

Charlie about dropped the diet Coke as well -- almost juggling it to keep it from hitting the floor.

I was extremely glad to get that ex-large Coke. You see? I have six Cokes waiting for me at my parent's house, but I have been procrastinating something terrible all day and have been drinking ice water. It will only take me 10 minutes to get them,, but my brain has decided that trip would take too many minutes and too much exertion.

Family Ties that Bind Us Together...

It Really is Better the Next Day...

I know its a just a cliche, but do any of you like cold pizza from the previous day's meal? I just had two slices of Johnny's pepperoni and Italian sausage pizza for breakfast this morning and it was heavenly.

The Calvary Arrives...

I had never been so glad to see my sister yesterday. Momma can be a handful and that is on a good day. A good analogy is that mom is like a little toddler many days. We've come full circle. You have to watch her or she will take a fall or something crazy might happen. My sister is so calm, collected, and kind -- patient to the nth degree.

Hopefully, mom will stay quiet today until my father returns later tonight. Dad just called and said he passed the Florida/Alabama state line. That means he will be home in about four hours. He was anxious to hear what has transpired this week from my perspective. Oh, did I have some tales to tell!

Fate? Give Me a Break...

I changed my transmission fluid and my transmission's filter a few months back. My car's transmission started slipping out of gear yesterday afternoon. This bodes ominous to say the least. Maybe this is all a fluke and things will be fine when I take my car for a drive today to get my sodas. I always was an optimist and hopefully I will stay that way.

Friday, August 26, 2016


We're doing the upbeat and happy Charlie inspired tango tonight, We've also just had another successful rendition of the medication ritual -- down ye olde gullet it went with special attention paid to thwart any dropped pills. Charlie and I dropped a 1mg Klonopin last night and we never did find it. Maggie has fresh food and water as well which she promptly inhaled. Maggie was starving it seems.

Charlie has duly left the premises. Now, we are going to hunker down in our computer room, play some pleasant tunes, and have some well deserved computer time.

On the Edge of Reason...

"You should have one more night of me and then your father will take back over on Sunday," a very serious sounding Charlie told me.

Charlie was not in a joking mood tonight and was strictly business. Charlie must've been tired as he never stops and sometimes it can tell on him like tonight.

"Tomorrow, for your medications, do you want me to bring them before I take Horsefly to the movies or after?"

I told Charlie that before would be nice and that I would appreciate it very much.

"Horsefly is going to see Hell or High Water," Charlie told me.

"It's getting great reviews," I bantered back. "I have always liked Jeff Bridges as an actor."

Climbing that Stairway to Heaven...

My good deed for the day is done. I am happy to be safely home with my friend and comrade, the Magster. I was experiencing some very acute anxiety about getting this all accomplished. Mom's new diagnosis is degenerative disc disease. She has to go to physical rehabilitation and I am going to be her chauffeur for twice a week.

I just thankfully handed over the baton to my esteemed sister. She is taking my mother to the hair salon to get her hair fixed. We just all went and got pizza and pasta at Johnny's New York Style Pizza in downtown West Point. It was my mother's request. It was very delicious -- some of the best pizza I have ever eaten. I am unsure if my mother still wants to go eat Chinese tonight. If she wants to go then I will gladly take her. I could handle a big steaming platter of General Tso's chicken and fried rice. Don't forget the egg-roll and the spicy mustard!

The Ball is in the Court of Life...

Which way will you roll? Mom and I arrived at Dr. Bacshi's office bright and early this morning and I was ready for a long wait. The parking lot and lobby was just full of patients waiting to be seen.

"You wait here in the car," I told my mother.

"What are you doing?" mom asked perplexed.

"I am going inside to get you a wheel chair," I replied.

My mother thought that was a brilliant idea.

During all of this, my mother, the secretary, was also fretting over Maggie's heart worm and flea medications. I told her I would take care of that this afternoon and I did.

"I am thirsty," My mother then said as I pulled out of the parking lot of her chiropractor which had been her next appointment on the agenda.. "Do you want to go get a drink somewhere?"

We headed to Circle K to get some drinks. Mom insisted on paying and it was $1.51 with tax. You just can't beat Circle K's drinks deal.

The Countdown to DOOM!

In a few minutes, I have to pick up my mother under their portico at 10:10am and carry her to the doctor. Her appointment is at 10:30am. Doctor Bacshi is a popular doctor and there will be a long wait time. I have a full day planned for me. This evening, my mother wants to go eat at the local Chinese restaurant. I just hope I can keep it together mentally enough to get all this done. My biggest fear is sitting in a crowded lobby and having an anxiety attack.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

I Knew This Guy Named Jack Once....

"Have you ever eaten at Jack's?" Charlie asked me this evening driving home from work. "I am pulling into their parking lot right now and will get you a combo meal. They also have the best fries of all the fast food places in my humble opinion."

I told Charlie that I haven't had a Jack's burger in years.

Charlie being at Jack's must surely mean he is in Lafayette, Alabama, the county seat, and on his Journey home. He will be back in the Chattahoochee Valley in about a half hour.

Eating this so soon towards bed will probably mean a bad case of heartburn come midnight, but I am throwing caution to the wind.

I Should Have Been An Entomologist...

The late evening or dusk cicadas are calling outside my window. It is such a mournful and sad sound like it's their swansong which is about right as they mate then die. What duration brood is this? I've heard many species cicadas calling all day -- getting very loud at certain intervals. The cacophony is unmistakable. Many cicadas stay dormant for 17 years before they emerge to mate and start the cycle all over again. Soon, the dusk cicadas will give way to the katydids at dark fall.


Good Morning Sunshine!

Charlie just called to make sure I was up and going.

"Good morning sunshine!" he said loudly over the phone with a jovial air to his voice.

"Johnny Otis would be proud of me. I've already had my shower and clean clothes are on," I told him proud of my very responsible self. "I am dying for a slice of lemon meringue pie right now."

Charlie reminded me that we are eating breakfast at McDonald's after the procedure. I had almost forgotten.

I actually set my alarm clock last night. I awoke at seven to Maggie snuggled up against me in this chilly back room of my house. 75° degrees certainly seemed chilly to me.

"I'll meet you at Kamath Medical at nine," Charlie replied and we got off the phone.

I am very nervous and agitated this morning for some reason. I can feel it in the pit of my stomach. Maybe it's my blood levels of Risperdal being so low or maybe it's because I've had so much to do lately and am weary of it all. I have to live a quiet life to do well these days. It's time to retire to my hermitage for a few weeks and recharge my batteries.

Part 2 -- Onward Ho to McDonald's...

"That didn't take long at all," Charlie told me surprised as I walked back outside of Kamath Medical. "Let's go get something to eat. I'm hungry!"

"The nurses really take good care of me here," I replied to Charlie before heading to my car.

First, we stopped at my father's former pharmacy which was just up the road and I got two 20oz cokes to put in the fridge when I got home. They were to be savored later -- most likely during my before bed computer time. Yes, they will be amply enjoyed.

"Will you ladies just put this on my father's account or my account?" I asked Lydia who was manning the front counter of the pharmacy.

She smiled warmly and said she would take care of it.

I followed Charlie to the hallowed halls of McDonald's. I got two egg McMuffins and a hashbrown. Charlie got two sausage biscuits and seemed quite pleased of himself. Charlie then had an hour drive to work in Dadeville. I will see him again tonight for the medication ritual.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Darkness Falls and We Anxiously Wait For the One Who Brings Light...

Charlie thankfully came pulling up in front of my house at 10pm tonight. I thought he would never, ever arrive and was quite exhausted by the constant vigil and wait.

"Yee Haw!" I exclaimed in exuberance as Maggie let loose a flurry of barking and exuberance herself. Maggie and I both hurried to the front door for the grand welcoming of Beta dog. Yes, you can remind me that I am Zeta dog.

I was ready to take my crazy meds and to hit the hay as the old saying goes. I could barely keep my eyes open, but Charlie's visit gave me sort of a second wind. I am very obviously writing a blog post and listening to Supreme Beings of Leisure and it is going on half past ten.

"I am calling you at eight tomorrow morning and your ass better be up for your injection," Charlie said with a smug laugh. "Then you and I are going to eat breakfast at McDonald's."

"Ah, the great bastion of nutrition, sodium, and low caloric counts," I said facetiously. "I've got first dibs on a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit!"