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drab and dreary

drab and dreary

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Such Pleasant Pleasantries...

It began to rain heavily this morning. It was supposed to get stormy but that is why I call meteorologists the weather guessers. I ran across the yard to get Maggie's and my biscuits so Charlie wouldn't have to get wet. It was the least I could do since Charlie was bringing us breakfast.

"I love you, Andrew," Charlie said affectionately and sincerely as he handed me my sack of sausage biscuits.

"I love you, too," I replied to Charlie. "You are very special to me."

Charlie is the epitome of altruism and kindness.

The Ghetto Computer is Holding Its Own...

A Ghetto Computer's Tale
I had that Sabertooth motherboard and intel core i7 processor languishing on the shelves in my computer room. They had probably sat there for 2 years. I didn't think they worked or they were gimped. Well, on a whim, I put a little computer together and the ghetto computer was born. To top of all this, the creme de la creme, was that the processor is one hell of an overclocker. I have it running at 4.7 GHz and the normal speed is 3.6 GHz. It also has 4 sticks of Corsair RAM running at 2400 MHz

From the Collector of Fine Mice and Keyboards Everywhere...

Of all the many nice and technologically advanced mice and keyboards I own, I mostly just use my trusty little humble marathon mouse.

Extremely Impressive 3-year battery life
Wireless and with Unifying Receiver
$ 49.99

I will probably wear the dear thing out before I need a fresh pair of batteries. It is smooth as butter gliding on my desktop as well.

Let Us Catch Some Zzz's...

I should have gone to bed many hours ago, but I was having so much fun with my computers and the internet, in general, this fine evening. It is now 4:48 AM right now. That means Charlie will be here in five hours with McDonald's biscuits and breakfast. I am hoping for some orange juice as well.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

More Arrivals and Departures...

barbecued pork, Brunswick stew, cole slaw, and bread
Well, my father just showed up at my house which surprised me very much. It was good to see him as we gave each other a big ole bear hug.

Maggie was also very glad to see our head honcho as well. She let it be known that an evening with Charlie and Papa is a special thing indeed.

"I just had to see how my eldest was doing," my father told me. "I brought you a Fredonia Road barbecue plate and your sodas for the day."

"You should've seen the speaker at continuing education tonight," my father told me laughing. "One of the more frumpy and bumbling fellows I've ever seen."

Dad was in an inquisitive mood tonight. He asked me all about what I thought of my mother's mental illness and he also wanted me to give him the skinny on what Scientology was about.

"Some real dullard and duped high profile people are members," I told my father. "Celebrities like Kirstie Ally, John Travolta, and Tom Cruise."

Surprises of the Charlie Kind...

The Duchess
The Duchess went nuts and I looked out past this computer to the street to see who had arrived. I was smiling as well. It was Charlie and he looked like he had his hands full. I was standing at the screen door corralling Maggie when Charlie beckoned for me to give him a hand.

"Your daddy had continuing education for pharmacists tonight," Charlie told me as we walked across my yard. "I am your Papa tonight."

I was smiling broadly at all the treats Charlie had brought me. He really does spoil me to death on his visits.

"I've got you two Taco Bell burrito supremes no beans with lots of hot sauce," Charlie told me. "Here are also two drinks. You get a second drink because Horsefly can't drink soda. It makes him blow chunks every time and always in the car."

I shouldn't have chuckled at the "blow chunks" remark but I did. Charlie also reached into his pocket and handed me two of my favorite candy bars. King size Snickers.

"Now, let's take your medications," Charlie told me as he handed me my handful of crazy meds.

"Now Maggie-loo I haven't forgotten about you," Charlie told the Duchess after he had administered my crazy meds.

Charlie got on the couch with the Magster and gave her lavishing tons of affection and attention. Maggie was still pining for Charlie while she looked out the window as Charlie departed. 

A Rendezvous with the Pig...

Before you think I am bringing forth the ire of Johnny Otis, I only bought two Sunkist sodas and a bottle of Penrose pickled sausages. It was a preapproved purchase. A man can't live on diet Coke and Marie Callendar's meals alone.

"Remember, we go grocery shopping Monday night," my father told me over his cell phone. "So don't buy too much!"

I guess my father felt a little pity for me after what happened yesterday mental illness wise. I appreciated it and I told him so.

The Piggly Wiggly was also mired in a state of confusion and mismanagement which is very unlike them. The automated exit door was stuck open and cold air was just pouring out into this hot Southern afternoon. They also had only one register open and the clerk had this confused and overwhelmed look on her face. The store was busy with shoppers and they were lining up to check out. I quickly got my items before the line could get too long. I should have stayed and helped her bag groceries which I was adept at when I worked there, but hindsight is always 20/20 as they say.

Edward and Marie, Together Again...

Do you remember me buying that Edward's strawberry creme pie last week? It was actually pretty good despite seeming to sell very sparsly. The Marie's satin chocolate pie was creamy and superb as well.

Midnight Arrives and the Roads Are Almost Clear...

Late at night, I like to sit in the Laz-E-Boy recliner in my quiet den before bed and look out the front window. There is this certain sense of sublime solace in it for me -- watching the rhythmic traffic come and go. Sometimes, I get paranoid thinking my neighbors will think I am watching them, but I am sure they have long gone to bed. You can see my dark silhouette out the window from the lamp behind me.

The traffic is busy before midnight as people arrive home from their jobs, tom-catting around, and meanderings. I often hear a catbird furiously calling his mating call as well. When do they ever sleep?

Look! We have another car. I wonder where they are going and what their lives are like? As the male peacock would display his finest and most colorful feathers, they have boomin' bass playing loudly -- loud enough to vibrate the water in the cup on my computer desk.

Right now, I am listening to the quiet calm of my mind after a most turbulent yesterday. My shaking hands are still and steady. The doom and gloom of my demise are gone as well. I am at peace for the moment and will soon turn the air down low and head to bed with the Duchess on my tail.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Charlie's Wall Hangings...

Charlie brought me this framed picture the other night. We are all trying to figure it out. I think it is a moving Ferris wheel. 

It's Okay. It's Alright. Cause There is Beauty in the Breakdown...

Maybe I shouldn't write about this.

This is probably schizoaffective related (paranoia) but that last call was the second call to my father in an hour. He didn't answer the phone on either call. I might be paranoid, but I believe my father is playing cat and mouse with me and avoiding my phone calls. He never parts from his cellphone. He also knows I will ask for my medications early which I will. I woke up in a mental fog and the mental illness doldrums. It is not that bad, but I would feel 10 times better with my meds in my belly. It is a long stretch until 9 PM tonight.

Walk Towards the Light...

"Come over here and get your medications," my father said urgently and sympathetically over the phone. "I was out working in the yard and missed your calls. For god's sake, let's not get mired in the emergency room."

By this time, I was sobbing as the symptoms had escalated.

"Get you a drink out of the fridge and I have your medications in my hand," my father said when I arrived. "I should've driven to you but I wasn't thinking on my feet. I would never want you to suffer like that."

I gulped the myriad of psychiatric medications down with a swig of ice cold diet Coke. I know it is psychosomatic but I immediately felt better in my father's presence and after taking my medications. It is scary, you know? Not having control of your mental faculties.

Home Bound...

Traffic was very light as I drove home which was appreciated. I immediately put my six diet Cokes in the freezer upon entering my house. I wanted them cold pronto. They are such a pleasure. Maggie was in tune to that something was wrong. She got on the couch with me and pleaded for me to scratch her neck and belly which I obliged. Maggie's needs are much more simple than mine.

The phone then loudly and abruptly rang...

"Are you okay?" my father asked with a frantic sound to his voice. "Sirens are blasting down the street. I should have come to your house with your medications."

"I am fine!" I assured my father. "Maggie and I are safe and sound."

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fill Er Up!
"We're headed to Kroger, right?" my father asked me tonight.

"Roger that, Tango, Alpha, Six!" I militarily and kiddingly replied to my father.

"You look like a Tango Alpha," my father said to me as he chuckled and we walked to our cars.

"Well, I had written on my blog about accidentally mobilizing the troops tonight! Let's get this done!"

The entourage took their respective places at Kroger's gas pumps.

"Let's take your medications in the car and then we can both head home," my father said as I pumped gas into my Honda.

Ah, Bless! Dad even remembered to bring me another lemonade from the pharmacy to take my medications with.

On another note...   Dad was dressed very smartly tonight. Charlie dresses him and buys all his clothes. I remarked to him about it and he really appreciated it as he puffed up his chest in bravado and with a brazen boast.

Putting Things into Motion or How the Simple Can Grow Very Complicated...
I had slept all day with the Magster in the bed with me. My injection has a tendency to induce deep sleep. I awoke all bright eyed and bushy tailed as my grandmother would say to us as kids.

"There is going to be a small charge on my debit card this afternoon," I told my father over his cellphone. "I want two more of those Minute Maid lemonades like I got this morning. They were absolutely delicious!"

My father told me with a warning that they were going to give me heartburn and he is most likely right. My father was also still at work and chomping at the bit to head home he said. He wanted to recline with his "pussy" in his lap and drink an ice cold cola. I think they are also showing reruns of Bates Motel. His all time favorite A and E drama.

"Come down here to the pharmacy and get them and I will just pay for them out of my pocket," my father replied to me.


I was halfway to the pharmacy when my low fuel warning light came on. I am not good at keeping up with such things as I rarely drive much. It has been weeks since I last filled up with a tank of gas.

"Can you get home?" my father asked me after I arrived at the pharmacy.

"I am pretty sure I can," I told my father. "The light means I have 30 more miles to drive before I am completely out of gas."

"We'll fill up tonight," he told me scheming. "I need some gas as well. We'll put it on my debit card. I have some saved up fuel points we can use at Kroger."

I was kind of disgruntled by all the complication. I just wanted my drinks and it was a short 1-mile drive to the Circle K and back. I also just wanted to take my medications and chill this evening after my father arrived. I didn't mean to mobilize the troops.

A Furball Trying to Sleep...


Zip, Zam, Zoom...

I sat down in my recliner this morning for a moment of composure after waking for the day. It was about 8:30 AM. Dad had called earlier at 8 AM to make sure I was up. I had to be at Kamath Medical at 9:00 AM. I closed my eyes and when I opened them the clock showed 8:55 AM. "Oh shit!" I said, "It is time to mobilize." I walked into the pharmacy at 9:05 PM and my father already had my prescription filled. I made record time down busy HWY 29 driving like a madman jockeying for pole position.

"I was glad to see you pull up into the parking lot," my father said. "I was beginning to worry about you."

Matt asked me how my game controllers were working and I told him they were working great. That really intrigued him. Matt handles all my father's and my computer parts orders. He knew exactly what an emulator was. I took a moment to tell him of my new ghetto computer.

Rebecca was as cordial as ever. Her kids are amidst peewee softball and she was telling all their latest exploits. She gave me my injection and a hug and I was on my way back to the pharmacy to turn in my proof of prickliness which was my next appointment card.

I get two drinks out of the cooler every two weeks and this week I got two Minute Maid lemonades out of the pharmacy's drink cooler and they were delicious. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Maggie Meets Marie's Meatloaf...

Marie Callender's has a new fan tonight and her name is the Duchess, her highness, the Magster.

I warmed two Marie Callender's meatloaf meals up in the microwave. I like to make them into sandwiches with a little added ketchup and mayo. Maggie was begging for a nibble or a bite. She just went crazy for more. So crazy that I had to give her my other sandwich. She even ate the corn and potatoes that came with it and that surprised me.

"Just what are you feeding this dog?" I can hear my father ask.

I am pretty sure Maggie will be passing some noxious wind come around midnight.

Comings and Goings...

It was medication time a moment ago. Usually, Papa is a pretty dapper fellow but he was very frumpy and disheveled tonight and pretty late. I think he might have had a little white Zinfandel. God, I'd drink a bottle of the stuff right now if I had it as well.

"We've got to find Maggie's flea and heart-worm medications," He said to me tonight which was the pressing issue of the evening. "I don't have any idea were Martha kept them, though."

Dad was scratching his head in thought when he asked me to ride down to Walmart and buy some. He was going to fund it.

"No thanks," I told my father., "You're not getting me in Walmart this time of night. I will go tomorrow as soon as I get up and get going."

Oh, I Adore You Dear Friend Sherlock!

One game I recommend that is abandonware (no copyright issues) is Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. I just adored this game and had a lot of fun playing it. The games can be found searching for sherlock holmes consulting detective and ICOM who developed the game.

Beware! This game is information intensive and you will need a pen and pad to write down clues.

You will also have to find a DOS emulator such as DOSBox and a corresponding DOS game front end like D-Fend Reloaded and the games as well of course.

Note: versions one and two also came out for the Sega CD. A Sega CD emulator and the games can be found at Emuparadise.

Can There Be A World Without Want?

I hadn't been in Fred's for ages until this afternoon. I was almost out of my favorite Irish Spring deodorant. I've been getting it at Kroger but forgot this week and Fred's has a much better price as well.

"How have you been honey?" the white-maned cashier asked me.

"Fair to middling I guess," I told her with a warm smile.

I was surprised to see her still working there. Their employee turnover rate is like mucho crazy.

"If you still want a job, we can put you to work."

I thanked her profusely.

"Someday, I may take you up on that offer," I told her grinning warmly.

It is nice to be wanted, you know?

I know I would have to work for it but wouldn't it be nice not having Johnny Otis looking over my shoulder with everything I spend? To buy a computer part without the Spanish Inquisition after me?

As I walked out the door of Fred's, I saw a scratch off lottery ticket on the pavement in the parking lot. Of course, I had to go pick it up and look. I understand the allure of the things. They almost won $20 dollars. That's one thing I have no inclination to do and that is to play the lottery. My father callously says the lottery is a tax on stupid people.

Whew! Happy Birthday After All!

I was so worried all these game controllers wouldn't work with my computer and their corresponding emulators. That would be $95 dollars flushed deftly down the toilet. My worries were for naught thankfully. I have almost all of my ghetto computer's USB ports brimming with game controllers and tuned to my favorite emulators. Earlier, I was playing Breath of Fire on an SNES emulator. A game I've been wanting to play for years.

George? Don't Leave Us So Soon!

George has a very strong New England accent when you talk to him. I can't quite put my finger on what region, though. I also gave him my wrought iron rocking chair and he just loves it.

"Come over here, have a beer, and we will talk for awhile," he will say to me when he catches me outside.

Well, I haven't seen George for days. I've been tempted to knock on the door but I worried what I may find. He hasn't driven to the Waffle House for his usual breakfast and his home has been so dark at night. Imagine my elation when I just saw him drive to the Circle K down the street for some more beer!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

And Now With Added Red Lights From a Sound Blaster Z Sound Card...

I've Got the Buzzy Post Medication Blues...

My medications give me a certain kick mentally about an hour after taking them. It is a buzzy feeling in my head that is rather mellow but welcomed. It lets me know my medications are working. 11:45 PM rolled around after shopping and I didn't feel my kick. I waited until midnight and still no kick. I was so discouraged and worried that something happened to make my medications not "soak" in. A previous medication less Easter Sunday was forever in my mind.

Well, I feel okay today and I guess that should be what matters. I panicked for a moment there thinking I was going to have to go another day without my medications. Oh hell, I don't know what I am saying. Maybe it is just a good day to shut up and read what everybody else is writing today. I don't mean to sound so maudlinly lately. Sometimes in life that's how the life's ball bounces.

A Completely Divergent Tangent...

My last two birthday items arrived from China last night. Dad made me open them so he could see what they are.

"Get your scissors in the laundry room," he urged me on anxiously.

The scissors are what we use to open Maggie's dog food bags which are rather convoluted.

It was my MayFlash Sega Saturn USB adapter and my GameCube controller. The GameCube controller was very solidly built. It felt hefty in your hands. It also had the cutest little miniature CD with the controller. I used it on my new Ghetto computer and the driver installed without problems.

"It is amazing," dad said. "That you can order things like that overseas and they get here in just a few weeks. You got a lot of bang for your buck this birthday!"

Monday, April 17, 2017

My Atlas Marker...

This is how I want my model railroad to look. Especially, the weathering on the locomotives. I also want to use some more realistic, greener and brighter scenery effects. 

Prostitutes? Kroger?

"Hey, sweetie! What's your name?" A sandy blonde lady over by the Redbox said.

"Are they prostitutes?" my father asked as he turned to me. "That's the same black guy who was soliciting money in the store last week!"

"They are wearing what looks like 80s clothing," I replied. "A miniskirt and a halter top."

"Quit looking. Let's go do our shopping," my father said as we entered the front mechanical door.

I was still looking as the door closed behind me and almost hit me.

"You prude!" I said to my father as I laughed. "We could've got hooked up with some hot action."

Jesting, I poked him with my elbow and grinned a Cheshire grin.

Ho Hum grocery shopping tonight that went as planned other than the front door adornments. I didn't deviate from my usual shopping and the checkout price mirrored this. At least they had my coveted bananas. Pitifully sounding, they never have my pies anymore. It is hit or miss. I went out on a limb and got an Edwards strawberry cream pie and a satin chocolate pie by Marie Callendar herself.

My only impulse buy was six king sized Reese's cups for $1.29 each. (past Easter prizes)

I got my standard fare Marie Callender's meals. I've got one in the microwave and will curl up in my lazy boy while I watch the boob tube and partake.

The grand total was $68 for which my father was very proud and complimented me on my thriftiness.

"Let's get back to normal," is what he said to me.