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Monday, March 20, 2017

He Shoots! He Scores!

I rolled the dice and up came snake eyes this afternoon. It was my cue to get on the move and get out of the house. Spring has sprung and there is a whole wide world out there. I had dawdled around in my pajamas for long enough mostly reading old railroading magazines.

I grabbed a shower, dressed in a decent t-shirt and shorts and then headed out the front door. Yes, we were on a trip for provisions and sustenance. I am down to eating mayonnaise and Parmesan (stinky) cheese sandwiches. I showed up on my father's back-steps hungry and acting all painfully pitiful for good measure.

"Let's go get you some beefaroni and your Cokes," my father said with a smile as we walked down in the dungeon also affectionately known as the pantry, laundry room, and basement.

I was just astounded when my father was at home -- both cars in the garage and dad's Honda was parked out back. I didn't want to bungle or endure another phone call for the day. I rang the back doorbell and my father came to the door.

"Get yourself ready around nine and we will go get your groceries," my father told me. "What are you going to get tonight?"

"An Edwards lemon meringue pie and an Edwards Hershey's creme pie," I replied. "Gotta literally fill my pie hole!"

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