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Sunday, August 13, 2017

It's Like Little Cowboys and Rambunctious Indians...

So, I drive down to Rich and Tuleana's last night. They were so glad to get some company having cabin fever.

"I was just mindbogglingly bored," Tuleana told me.

I brought along some extra steaks for them to eat as well. Tuleana said she was having one of her classic migraines and couldn't stand bright lights and a lot of noise.

"Jon Jon? Will you please, please take me to Walmart to get some Excedrin?" she pleaded with me in wanton anguish.

"Come on folks. Let's head to Walmart," I told my gregarious, and adventurous gang.

I stopped for a second at the truck stop on the interstate to get us all cold drinks which Richard and I both relished. He got a plain Jane Pepsi. I was the more adventurous one. I got a crisp apple cider flavored soda and it was delicious.

Richard was also itching to get a new controller for his PlayStation 3 as well as his old one was faltering. I sat in the car while they shopped preferring not to deal with the rigmarole that is Walmart.

On the drive home, I got caught in a DUI checkpoint just off the interstate. Gladly, I handed the Sheriff's deputy my current insurance card and my license with confidence (thank Papa for that). Within seconds they were waving us through the checkpoint and on our way.


glittermom said...

This may be true but seems like one of your stories.

Jane said...

Lucky for Tuleana that she was able to drink cola and shop under those bright Walmart lights with a migraine!

diane said...

Oy not me, when I have a migraine, nose and lights, especially fluorescent are killer.
All I want to do is lock myself in a dark quiet room and be left alone.