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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Feed Me Seymour...

I wouldn't have thought in a million years that Charlie and my father were going to perform our Sunday night fried chicken ritual tonight after a busy Father's Day grilling. Charlie immediately got in the kitchen and got busy cleaning.

I then heard a loud clang as Charlie started my clothes dryer. He said my clothes would sour over time kept wet in the washer.

"You didn't leave me much to do," Charlie said loudly from the kitchen.

Sweet words to my ears. Charlie started to wipe clean my counter tops -- his final task. I want all my visits from friends and family members to be hassle free.

My father wanted me to pull up various videos on YouTube with my laptop. They were all dealing with the royal family celebrating the queens 91st birthday which I enjoy as well.

I just looked in my KFC box and I got three chicken strips and an extra large mashed potatoes.

Earlier, Charlie brought me two hamburgers all the way, cole slaw, mac (penne pasta substituted) and cheese, baked beans, two grilled hot-dog wieners, and potato chips.

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glittermom said...

"Little Shop of Horrors". One of my favorites.