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Monday, July 17, 2017

Code Red...

"Are you up for taking your medications?" dad asked about last hour.

He sounded like he was in a Nascar race, but it was only Hwy 29.

"Honestly?" I said. "You and I both know I shouldn't take them so early, but I would love to take them."

"I can relax all afternoon," I then further told my father.

"I am walking into the bank right now and then I will be over there in about an hour," my father told me. "I've got continuing education for pharmacists tonight down in Auburn."

We should've got Charlie to bring them in hindsight I realized. My impetuance always gets me in trouble.

Dad finally arrived...

"Did you know you are supposed to have your Lithium levels constantly monitored?" dad asked. "We need to talk to your doctor the next time we see him. If the levels are too high it could damage your liver."

Lordy, I don't need any more doctors. problems or procedures is what I was thinking and I expressed this to my father.

"It will just be a simple blood test you can get at Kamath Medical I assure you," my father told me.

That made me feel much, much better. The ladies at Kamath Medical know how to take good care of me.

A Five Finger Discount...

I had an interesting occurrence in Fred's Super Dollar Store a few hours ago. I just wanted some mixed nuts which is my name sake. A rangy looking fellow set off the anti-theft alarm at the door and then took off running like a bullet to his car.

"Sir! Come back here!" the cashier said loudly and frustratingly in vain.

She couldn't leave the register unattended.

The manager walked out into the parking lot trying to stop him, but to no avail. That fellow was long gone out of the parking lot with a chirp of his tires. 

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glittermom said...

Taking your meds too early makes it harder the next day when you have to wait longer between doses I would think.